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European Football Championship: Have You Noticed Portugal’s Shirts?

Portugal’s flag. No Cross in sight.

The Portuguese flag has no cross.

It really hasn’t. Well of course the escutcheons could be interpreted as in the form of a cross; but I’d say it takes some fantasy, and the will to see a cross, to do so.

But if you look at the shirt of the Portuguese team (as I write waiting for their extra time against Spain), it seems evident  what they have on their shirts is… a huge cross.

Perhaps it is in the ensign of the local football federation. Kudos to them anyway.

Nowadays, it takes balls to even suggest a shirt like that.


Planned Parenthood Suspends Abortion In Missouri For Lack Of Doctors.

Margaret Sanger has less and less followers.

In another sign of slowly changing times, it is interesting to note a central Planned Parenthood structure in Missouri is going to suspend the legal slaughter of babies because of lack of doctors ready to perform the activity required of them.

The matter becomes even more interesting if one considers that the very same clinic already had to suspend the mass murdering activity for several months, and for the very same reasons.

One wonders how viable the structure is now considered within Planned Genocide, as abortion makes a vast proportion of their revenues. Think of a slaughterhouse not managing to find the butchers to slaughter the cows and forced to repeatedly suspend the slaughtering : does it really make sense?



Vatican-SSPX Talks: Where We (Still) Are

I must confess of feeling a bit naive at having considered the agreement between the SSPX and the Vatican a done deal. At the same time, I think I am in excellent company on this, and in my defence I can also say that I had not really considered the possibility of the Pope either lacking the courage of doing what he  clearly wanted to do and indicated he would do, or being so thoroughly manipulated by those nearest to him that they can lie to him – indicating to Bishop Fellay the Pope was in agreement with the latest version of the Preambolo – with the certainty of impunity. Make no mistake, even in this last case I see the Pontiff as much more worthy of blame than every Gaenswein, because most certainly Gaenswein was never elected Pope.

We are, therefore, at this point in presence of a great quantity of broken porcelain, and whilst the porcelain can still be fixed in one way or other (one word of the Pope can, in fact, set pretty much everything right even today) , I wonder whether this fixing will take place.

We do not know whether the Holy Father changed his mind under the weight of the pressures and threats coming from Germany and elsewhere,  or whether the exchange of documents was a plot to divide the SSPX and allow the liberals to rise up like a man and promise open revolt if the Pope would not obey to their command. What we know is that there can be no doubt that (emphasis mine)

 On June 13, 2012, Cardinal Levada delivered to our Superior General [the] text from last April, but amended in such a way that it now reintroduces, substantially, the propositions of September 2011. Bp. Fellay immediately informed him that he could not sign this new document, clearly unacceptable. The next [General] Chapter will allow for an appraisal of the complete dossier.

One is baffled at this kind of “diplomacy”, then everyone who thinks the SSPX would accept today what they considered unacceptable yesterday just because they were allowed to smell the sweet (and difficult) flavour of the reconciliation does not understand much of the SSPX, let alone of moral integrity in general.

If, however, the main aim was to try to cause an open fracture and division within the SSPX, this will now surely backfire, as the resounding “no” the new/old text will receive in July – as it received it in September – will add to the credibility of Bishop Fellay and his friends even among those ready to doubt his actions or his motives.

Therefore, unless the Holy Father decides to take control of the matter, make a decision and accept responsibility for it, we will continue with the usual minuet of half overtures and hoped-for agreements which lead to nothing, if the Vatican is not ready to accept a workable and sensible agreement.

I would very much like to express to you the hope that the Holy Father will now rise to the occasion and actually act as a Pope; but in truth, I lack this hope as I write these sad lines, as I think the Holy Father has allowed himself to be taken hostage by liberals, or to be treated like a fool by his closest collaborators, all of them picked by him.

The SSPX General Chapter will conclude his work around mid-July. I do not doubt they will take the right decision, and the SSPX will go out of this matter as the by far more trustworthy – thought nobody is perfect, of course, and some SSPX member can also leak like plumbers have gone out of fashion – organisation.

Let us hope and pray. But I for myself will not believe anything less than the dried ink of the signatures, and even at that point will wonder how much even signatures are worth in the Vatican.


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