Tomorrow 29 June, Feast Of Ss Peter And Paul, Is A UK Holy Day Of Obligation

Tomorrow is the 29th June, Feast of St. Peter and Paul and holy day of obligation in the UK.

A bit of planning will go a long way in making the attendance as little inconvenient as possible and, therefore, a better savoured spiritual experience. This, besides the fact that a bit of inconvenience should actually be seen as part of the experience.

Perhaps the one or other of our US-American friends would like to profit from the occasion to vote for the reintroduction of the obligation in their country with their feet?




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  1. Yes, right once more. You touch what we must do and with a needle! There are many who will be celebrating the anniversaries of their ordinations, tomorrow, and who will be thanking God for the blessing that has been theirs to share in the Priesthood of Christ and to have been elected to act in persona Christi to offer the Holy sacrifice of the Mass both for the living and the dead. May the Father grant us His Grace so that we may ever more worthily serve Him here on earth and by that Grace become less unworthy of the Sacrifice of Calvary, made ever anew yet always the same, on the altar. The Mass is our everything, here below, so how sad is it to hear even in Prebyteries that it is the’ People of God that, as one community of Faith, offering its sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving, makes Christ present in its midst’. I know not what that be but it is not Catholicism. My generation’s adolescence – began in the upheavals of 1968 – and I can say that there was much craziness, much right-onism, much experimentation, too much of the usual liberal intolerance and too much scoffing at the ‘old biddies’ who prayed their rosaries. We knew it all – we were the fruit and the vanguard of the famous ‘Spirit of the Council’ and we were oh so stupid, oh so gullible and oh so deceived. we parroted to each other the lies we were fed, such as their being no word in Aramaic properly to render ‘many but that it probably was meant to be ‘for the many’ in other words ‘for all’. People were responsible for defrauding us and we, unwittingly, defrauded the laity. St Paul fought with the Prince of the Apostles for what he thought was the Truth. Both Peter and Paul died in witness to the Truth. Telling the truth has never been fashionable. Yesterday you could be killed for it, today you may have your reputation trashed for it. yesterday you were thrown into gaol, today you are silenced or dismissed from your congregation. I am now 60 years of age and I know five men who were refused ordination because they were not sufficiently coherent with the Spirit of the Council’. The years from 1973 to 1978 are littered with the broken hearts and shattered hopes of good boys and fine men who were dismissed not for psychological; instability or sexual incontinence but because they were too traditional in their ‘orientations’,” too interest in bells and smells and not open sufficiently to the signs of the times and the workings of the Spirit” (direct quote from a seminary tutor concerning one young man). Let us, please, make the effort to go to Mass, tomorrow. Offer the inconvenience not for our sins but for the Grace of true vocations.We need Priests because Holy Church and the ‘People of God’ have been very poorly served by my generation. Nostra maxima culpa!

    • Thanks for your absolutely beautiful reflections, John.

      Particularly the one about the aspirant priests being refused ordination because too.. priestly is so sad, and so true.


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