The Business Of Medjugorje

Medjugorje in pictures.


Very interesting blog post on Crisis Magazine about the biggest Catholic scam of our times, Medjugorje. I allowed myself to take the photo from there too, as it is so apposite.

As always, it is rather entertaining to see the long list (this blog post has an extremely long one) of blunders, contradictions, and outright  absurdities  linked to this cult for the gullible and the outright stupid.

What is perhaps more interesting – and something I had not known – is that some of the seers endorse “apparitions” which are considered “not approved” by the other seers and by the official Medjugorje site.

The thing is too funny to let it pass: the Medjugorje site is saying “only our slated apparitions are authentic; the slated apparitions of one of us, whose apparitions are authentic when they happen by us, are not approved when they happen by other people”.

One wonders: does the Blessed Virgin dare to disobey to the seers by appearing to one of them without the approval of the others? Or has one of the “seers”, Marija Pavlovic Lunetti, a split personality by which she is a real seer when her apparitions are “approved”, and a con woman when they aren’t? What do the other seers think of said Marija Pavlovic Lunetti?

But most of all: how can people be so thick to believe all this? How can any person say “I will be at your place in the days between 1 and 5 July, during which the Blessed Virgin will appear to me five times?” What is this?  This is not even good as a joke! This would offend the intelligence of a six-years-old child! But no, the Medjugorje businesses (both “original” and “unapproved”; but run or supported in part by the same people) goes on undisturbed.

In the meantime the Vatican does – as pretty much always – nothing. We are told a decision on Medjugorje should fall within the year, but by the leonine qualities the Pontiff has been showing in the last years I rather think he’ll prefer to, as they say, chicken out. Cardinal Schoenborn supports the apparition and he is a pal of the Pontiff, so don’t expect the Spanish Inquisition.

We shall see.   What is sure is that – to use a happy Italian saying – the mother of the idiot is always pregnant.

Enjoy the link.





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