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Spain And The Abortion Of The Handicapped Fetus

In Spain, a proposal to ban the abortion of handicapped fetuses might become a very interesting battleground, already causing calls for the ban of abortion tout court.

The idea is that the soon-to-be handicapped child should not be discriminated. Which is very fine but – unfortunately for the abortionist troops – makes it all too evident that in this case it is he sane children who are discriminated against: the sane unborn baby can be killed, the handicapped one can’t.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how the lefties, always the first ones to exploit the rhetoric of the inclusion, will justify the killing of a baby because not destined to be born a sane baby. The practice of abortion is certainly indicative of nazi cruelty in itself, but the focus on the handicapped child certainly allows the intrinsic cruelty (and intrinsic Nazism) of the practice to come to the foreground even for those “mainstream” citizen considering abortion an unpleasant characteristic of modern times, like traffic and tattoos.

The party political implications are also clear: the leftist parties must either openly say they are in favour of the abortion of a baby because handicapped if the parents so choose, or they must unavoidably admit that abortion both discriminates against the sane babies, and leads to the unwanted killing of the handicapped ones.

En passant, it must be said the very same argument can be used by abortion against any other real or perceived “minority” like, for example,  girls. Does your lefty Spaniard MP support the abortion of a baby because it is a girl? Let him say so.

I doubt this initiative will solve the problem, and Spain after Franco’s death has shown to be able to only walk in the wrong direction; but this might become an interesting argument which, if developed in the years to come, might well change the mind of many and, most importantly, help shaping the mentality of the next generation of Spaniards.


PM Continues To Dig His Own Grave

Malcolm Tucker couldn’t believe his boss’ statement.

I begin to suspect the reason why the PM is generally considered somewhat intelligent is that he is too often compared with his nearest neighbours, his same-sex girlfriend (Clegg) and puppy-Chancellor (Osborne).

Still, taken in isolation this man makes more and more the impression of a man who would cause a fit of extremely vulgar hysterics in Malcolm Tucker if he did not happen to be, well, the PM himself.

Now, you must know the PM has just taken a sound thrashing in the matter of homo-marriage but, like Oliver Twist, keeps saying “I want more”. Some days ago (your humble correspondent did not report in detail) he expressed his wish for sodo-marriage in front of an audience of unrepentant perverts and, taking the part of said degenerates, accused the so-called church of England of “locking them out”.

Of course, this is delicate: the PM has been thrashed on sodo-marriage and knows that the country has seen it, so he wants to show he is still on his legs and very much in command. Therefore, he insists in a very stupid, populist defence of – how much? –  scarcely one percent of the population and their generally Lib-Dem or Labour voting friends, and throws an arrow or two against… the majority of his Christian voters. Well done, PM?

Erm, no. Not a good idea, it appears.

I wonder to what extent – and this links to the observations made at the beginning – the PM realises to what extent he is digging his own grave. The very moderate sympathies won towards a tiny minority or perverts and their friends – again, most of them reasonably not even thinking of ever voting Conservative, Cameron or no Cameron – was paid with the loss of an absolute majority in 2010, and continues to be paid with the continued deterioration of the Conservative – and Christian – deterioration of his own party, and a growing awareness among the Tory ranks that Cameron is their worst enemy.

No doubt, Cameron will continue to raise his voice at regular intervals, as he evidently considers it paramount to prove the thrashing he received from his MPs (make it two, with the Lords’ reform) hasn’t really hurt him much. But in doing so, he is simply helping them to realise they must get rid of him, as they realise more and more clearly his sound bites (like the favour for sodo-marriage because he “believes passionately in marriage”, which by the way gives you all the extent of the pervert idiocy of this man’s ideology) do not impress anyone.

I begin to wonder how many Tory MPs have already realised the folly of running with such a ridiculous tool in 2015, and apparently even some of his “cuties” start to rebel (again: see Lords’ reform). This shows the extent of the deterioration of the PM’s power base. What is certain, is that he is doing what he can to force them to open their eyes.

I can’t wait for the day. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Huge Wrecking Ball Impacts HHS Mandate

The edifice is still in place of course, but this is a devastating blow.

In the words of the Alliance Defending Freedom:

Obamacare’s HHS Mandate that forces a Christian family to either comply with the mandate and violate their religion or forfeit their livelihood.  The Newlands operate their family-run HVAC equipment business, Hercules, Inc., according to their religious beliefs and object to the government forcing them to fund abortion inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization.  They were facing crippling fines of millions of dollars a year if they followed their conscience and not the government’s dictates.

The court granted an injunction and stopped the Mandate in its tracks while the lawsuit continues.  The court rightly held that the government failed to show that its goal of providing “health care” would somehow be thwarted by exempting the Newlands because it already exempts “191 million Americans” for various secular reasons.  It held that preventing the government from enforcing its regulation, “pales in comparison to the possible infringement upon Plaintiffs’ constitutional and statutory rights.”

Oddly, the government argued that the Newlands forfeited their constitutional rights when they started their family business.  But Christians or other people of faith do not lose their God-given right to religious freedom when they earn a living.  Fortunately, the court did not accept such an outrageous position.

It truly says it all.

This is just a step of course, but I wouldn’t bet my pint on Body Odour’s success on this.




President Adolf Hussein Great Joke Obama is on record with the following:

“Mr. Romney wants to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood. I think that’s a bad idea,” Obama said. “I’ve got two daughters. I want them to control their own health care choices.”

How about teaching your daughters to control their legs, Mr. President?


Our Lady Of Quito – Our Lady Of Good Success

A double image of Our Lady Of Quito/ Our Lady Of Good Success.

This is not a scam in Medjugorje style, or a pious fantasy of old maids with an excitable fantasy.

This apparition took place at the beginning of the XVII century, and was approved by the local bishop a short time later. It was accompanied by further miraculous events at the beginning of the XX century, when the events described by the Blessed Virgin were approaching.

This apparition is very remarkable for the insistent and very precise predictions of the Blessed Virgin concerning facts that would only happen several centuries later. In this case, the predictions are – at least as far as we are concerned – so shockingly precise, that one cannot – if he has some fear of God left in him – but stop and reflect on every word the Blessed Virgin was saying several centuries ago.

In this case, the Blessed Virgin predicted a tragic, extremely upsetting (to make it clear: not a continuity, but a disruption) and long-lasting event within the Church, starting around after the half of the XX century. Look, the “advent of the Holy Spirit”, the phenomenon with “theological implications” was, in fact, accurately predicted three and a half centuries before it happened, with uncanny accuracy, by the Blessed Virgin herself, in an apparition officially approved! Ah, if only Pope Benedict and Archbishop Mueller had been around some four centuries ago, to deny the allegations!

Now, apparitions of the Blessed Virgin are private revelations and no one is bound to them. Still, those who have ears to hear and a healthy fear of the Lord will find the accusations extremely familiar, the time astonishingly precise, and the described events very well exposed. All in all, the general effect of Satan’s attack is painted in extremely vivid colours and with great richness of detail, three and a half centuries before the fact. Not bad for an apparition, and rather worrying for an approved one.

Let us see some of the highlights, and again note the uncanny precision of the prophecy, which rather resembles a chronicle:

Our Lady said that the enemies of the Church would “focus particularly on the children in order to achieve this general corruption. Woe to the children of these times!”

Many of us have children in our circle of acquaintances, or among our relatives, who are either unbaptised or utterly unaware of the very rudiments of Christianity. The sins of the parents visit the children, and how hardly they visit them in these disgraceful times! The first generation after V II was indifferent; the second is unbaptised. V II is the gift that keeps on giving. 

It goes on:

Our Lady warned that the Sacrament of Marriage would come under special attack as would modesty in women.

When sluttish behaviour becomes norm and even socially encouraged (“open mentality” or “free spirit”  I think it’s called nowadays) it is no surprise marriage comes under pressure. Of course, sluts have always been there; but their behaviour was stigmatised; nowadays, it is taken as a matter of no consequence, or even “modern”. As to marriage, when the sense of its sacredness – once felt even by protestants – is no longer respected, it comes only natural that people should demand to “marry” one or more persons of the same sex, or animals, or whatever they like. To them is not a sacrament, you see; not even a sacred bond; to them it’s merely an occasion to  party.

During one apparition which took place in the Convent chapel, the sanctuary lamp went out leaving the chapel in darkness. Our Lady explained that this signified the “great spiritual catastrophe which would engulf the Church” .

Note the words: a) spiritual catastrophe, which b) will engulf the Church. Strong tobacco, for sure, but so true.

But when would this catastrophe happen? Perhaps it is meant by that the conservative pontificate of Pius XII, or the aggressive oppression of free spirits of a St. Pius X? No, the prophecy is about

the world-wide crisis in the Church in the late 19th Century culminating in a disaster for the Church, described by Our Lady, with great accuracy, as occurring “shortly after the middle of the 20th Century.” 

We have it all here: a crisis beginning at the end of the XIX Century (obviously: Modernism), eventually exploding (obviously, as Neo-modernism) “shortly after the middle of the XX century with, of course, Vatican II. This is so precise it’s chilling, and the prophecy happened at the beginning of the XVII century!

It gets even better (or worse):

“In this supreme moment of need for the Church, those who should speak out will fall silent.”

This is, in fact, the impression I have whenever I read of the latest speech of the Holy Father about some utterly peripheral and uncontroversial theme (go on CNA and you’ll find several at any given time; you will have noticed by now I do not waste your time with platitudes and easy sound bites, so I tend to avoid them) whilst the building burns from all sides and heresy spreads all over Central Europe: silence.

Is, then, all so bad as it seems? Well yes, it is, but do not despair; then (emphasis mine)

Our Lady promised Mother Mariana that, just when everything seems lost, her hour would come when she would rescue the Church.

 Things might well become even worse than they are now (and they are bad enough, I’d say); the recent appointment of a disconcerting man in more than odour of heresy as the Church’s main protector against… heresy tells us all the extent of the trouble. Can it get worse? Well, who knows what the next Pope might bring us: if the Cardinals allow the Devil to persuade them they must follow their German and Austrian colleagues on their way to either open heresy or thinly veiled Neo-modernist accommodation, I think Assisi and Mueller and not the worst we have seen, or not all we have seen of them.  

Still, the Blessed Virgin will watch from heaven, and will intervene at the hardest time, “when everything seems lost”.

We should remember this chilling, but still beautiful apparition. We should remember it to draw strenght in times of crisis, and to remind ourselves that in the end it is called Our Lady of Good Success because this is what will come out of this mess in the end.

Which, in these troubled times, is no small reassurance.



UK & Wales Bishops: Cowardice, Lack Of Faith Or Stupidity?

The poor girl was swimming away from the bishops as fast as she could…

Look, if you please, at the photo above. A young, very dynamic, rather sexy young female swimmer is allegedly in the act of “using her body for the glory of God”.

When I first saw this my immediate, visual reaction (that’s what photos are there for: to cause immediate, visual reactions) was that the Olympic theme is used by our bishops to promote a campaign against obesity (a rather monstrous problem in this country), that is: use your body to make sport and live a healthy life, and all that jazz. Undertone: sport is sexy, and if you make sport you’ll become more attractive.

On second thought,  I reflected this might be an invitation to avoid premarital sex, that is: use your body for the glory of God and use your hormonal overflow to make sport and live a healthy life, rather than becoming a slut like so many of your friends.

Imagine my surprise when I realised this slogan (with the sexy swimmer, the Olympic theme, and the general atmosphere of hormonal overflow) would, should, ought, is actually meant to, express our Bishop’s opposition to – mainly, and at large – abortion and euthanasia.

Now, I admit there is “day for life” written on it; but come on, that’s the last thing you notice and at some point you would have noticed even if they had put on the poster the Paddington Bear, or an old teapot.

It gets even more interesting – and you start discovering the photo was not a coincidence – when you visit the internet page and discover that like everything else, the “day for life” is being watered down in a series or other fashionable, innocuous, uncontroversial themes like “disability”, “suicide” and, believe it or not, general “happiness”. This “enlargement” comes very handy, because if you start talking of  the necessity of building structures for disabled people (very “social”, and therefore by definition “popular”) you can conveniently avoid talking of what is unpleasant, like abortion; and if you mention a couple of platitudes about “happiness”, or the revolutionary message of the advisability of avoiding suicide, everyone is sure you are not going to touch the unpleasant topics like euthanasia.

This is all so anodyne, so obvious, and so fundamentally stupid that the indifferent youth might well like it, without ever caring a straw about abortion.  Great success, then.

The political advantages are also not indifferent: whilst abortion and euthanasia are controversial, “happiness”, structures for disabled people and sexy young swimmers aren’t; so our cowardly shepherds can try to appear Catholics within the Catholic world without anyone outside of it ever noticing they are.

The main message here is that the UK hierarchy has reached such level of cowardice, that they now renounce to even an indirect message about abortion (or euthanasia), limiting themselves to a visual image as distant as possible from the message they are supposed to convey, but still “attractive” and in tune with the “feelings” of the broad public; in case this should be not enough, they even conveniently drown the main theme (which cannot be other than abortion and euthanasia) under a tsunami of politically correct themes of easy digestion.

Astonishing cowardice, astonishing lack of faith, or astonishing stupidity?

I vote for the first.


Does Archbishop Mueller Believe In Miracles?

On Catholic Church Conservation, the translation of a shocking article of the rather aggressive, but generally rather credible

I have read the German site and agree with the translation. It truly does make for a shocking reading and once again, a picture emerges more and more clearly of a man who wants to reduce Christianity to “normality”, so that his audience – which does not believe in the supernatural – may be satisfied. See his theory of  “Mary Ever-Virgin who in fact isn’t”. What I do not know, is whether Mueller’s words have been reported faithfully or have been perhaps – as people say in these cases – “taken out of context”.

But seriously: how often can a man be “taken out of context”? His observations about the Virginity of Mary “which is not virginity” are here repeated – mutatis mutandis – on other topics, in a Orwellian crescendo. What is slowly but surely emerging here – and, no doubt, will emerge more clearly in the months to come, as his books and interviews are critically examined – is the arrogant personality of a man deeply ignorant of his own faith, tragically unable to shut up in front of journalists and very much persuaded of his own infallibility, but promoted to an extremely important position because of his personal ties to the Pope.

Make no mistake, this is not going to end very soon: conservative Catholics are now going to dissect the fake theology of this tragic, but amusing figure and tear him into little pieces until he is either forced to go, or brings into utter disrepute not only himself, but the man who bears the responsibility for his appointment, so that only his death will – and so much appears clear already, that it will – free us from such a walking (and talking!) disgrace.

I had suggested not many weeks ago that the solution might be to send the man to a SSPX seminary in order to be properly instructed. I’d say the need is rather urgent.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


Two words About Bishop Williamson’s “Ganggate”

There is no doubt Bishop Williamson is an embarrassment, to himself and to others. Whilst the video you see above seems to be not “official” in any way, considering the Williamson’s camp is widely suspected for the leaks of the past months it doesn’t take a genius to understand that if one goes on ranting against Fellay & Co, sooner or later this will be on the internet. In this case, it appears to me the event had to be rather sooner.

Now, apart from the contradictions of a man not entirely lucid in his reasoning (he says that only a miracle could help the Society to get rid of Fellay & Co, but goes on saying that many of them will leave anyway, leaving the SSPX purified; with which he should rather hope that no miracle happens), I wonder whether the calls to kick the man out are justified.

First of all, he is clearly talking in little circles and among friends or students; we do it all the time, and when we are in private our words are also not always the most chosen. The video on youtube gives what might have been a momentary rant an air of definitiveness that might not have been wanted. Old men will have their rants, though the bishop’s audience should certainly be asked to keep smartphones out of sight (or switched off) whenever he feels like ranting.

Secondly, by all embarrassment I cannot avoid seeing in this man’s rants the fear of one who, as it seems to me, loves the Church and the SSPX tenderly and is afraid – seeing conspiracies everywhere, as many old men do – that the organisation might be on its way to be infiltrated and go to the dogs. I wish we had, in the Conciliar church, more bishops as attached to the cause as bishop Williamson.

Thirdly, I would still prefer this man to the Nicholses, Schoenborns, Woelkis and Muellers of the world without any hesitation as he is  at least, and with all his shortcomings, a sincere Catholic. If he were, say, at the head of the CDF he would still put Archbishop Mueller to shame for doctrinal integrity. Not difficult, I am sure, but still he would do it in a grand way.

Having said that: an embarrassment, and someone should talk to him in private and tell him he does not do himself any favour by not measuring his words and not insisting more on the necessity that the perhaps unavoidable rant remains in camera caritatis.


Scotland And The Decline Of Christianity

The deceased Scottish MP wasn’t very pleased at his new “chamber”.

As you will read a bit everywhere, Scotland’s elected representatives have decided not to honour those whom they represent and to proceed to not only legalise, but institutionalise sodomy within a few years. They’ll have plenty of time in hell to repent, unless they do it before – many of them will not even dream of doing it, I am afraid – but today I would like to compare the situation in Scotland and England.

In England, the so-called CoE (or better said, the smarter part of it) has mounted such a quarrel, that it would have been very difficult for the coalition government to pull it through, merely to give Cameron’s civil partner a scalp to show to his party girls as a proof of competence and/or achievement. The Catholic opposition, whilst reduced to the usual hypocritical meowing from official side (++ Vincent Nichols, a notorious heathen, would be “nuanced” about zoophilia if he had to), seems to have worked well on the ground, in the schools and in the churches. Add to this that middle-class Britain, whilst largely de-Christianised, has not (yet) perverted itself to the point wrongly presumed by the Chameleon and you have the ingredients of the rather inglorious defeat suffered – for everyone who has eyes to see – on this occasion. A fourth element is, perhaps, that Englishmen are historically rather sensitive to MPs trying to take important decisions behind their back, and the Brussels matter shows how raw the nerves are in this respect.

Should Labour get back in power in 2015, things wouldn’t become much easier for the organised faggotry either.  The Conservatives would, very probably, immediately get rid of the Chameleon and go back to solid Conservatism, which means every attempt to introduce sodo-marriage would give them a field day, and with Catholics and CoE on their side, plus the many Labour MPs who have reason to fear for their seats if they do the wrong thing. It wouldn’t be easy at all, not even with a Labour majority.

Not so, I believe, in Scotland.

The Catholic church is very probably by far not as influential  as in England; the Protestants are on their way to perfect irrelevance; Labour voters and people culturally belonging to Labour are far more numerous than in England, and I have not yet noted any angry reaction to the proposal to radically change the Christian face of the country without even asking the electorate. As everywhere else, the cowardly absence of a furious fight on so-called “civil unions” now makes it difficult to organise an angry protest against sodo-marriage.

Witness, in ten years, the same battle – with probably the same outcome – when the faggots will insist on marrying in church, at least in those churches who belong to an established “church”. Clegg and Cameron already begin to make noises in this direction, and they are – we think – heterosexual.

Some bishop in Scotland should wake up and realise unless fire, brimstone and excommunications comes back massively in the political debate, they will be in the position of doing pretty much nothing. It is necessary now that open war is waged against perversion, abandoning the effeminate protestations destined – and meant – to remain without consequence. 

Don’t hold your breath, though.

So, piece by piece, Western democracies lose every legitimacy to be the ruling political system; then a system betraying the laws of God and openly working against them has no moral right to exist, and when it unavoidably weakens and degenerates into a spineless sum total of single egotisms and single perversions the next Cromwell or Franco or Mussolini (or Lenin or Stalin) appearing on the scene will take it down.

Democracies seldom die because an even stronger opponent appears on the scene. They die because they have been slowly dying for years, and have lost the will to live. Then you have Spain with the communist threat and Franco’s reaction, Italy with the biennio rosso and the Fascist rise as a result, and Germany with the utter absence of spine of the Weimar Republic.

Scotland just made another step in that direction.  England, thank God, seems to be a bit more resilient.


Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

I gather from “Rorate Coeli” that in today’s Angelus the Holy Father announced that

on the 25th anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Assisi for the meeting of different religious leaders in 1986, he will visit Assisi in October 2011 for a meeting with “Christian brothers of the different confessions, leaders of the world’s religious traditions, and, ideally, all men of good will”.

My first observations, a caldo as we say – are as follows:

1) I wonder how long will it take before the Church stops repeating JP II’s mistakes, just because he made them. JP II’s “franchise” might still be strong, but whether it is useful to orthodox Catholicism is a different matter altogether. Methinks, it isn’t. Not in the least. The old Assisi gatherings were a goddamn disaster and a shame. They should be remembered only to be ashamed about them. For…

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Cosmopolitan And Other Rubbish

Ladies don’t read rubbish: Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett in “Pride and Prejudice”.

I must admit I cannot avoid smiling at those people – generally American; and more than generally Protestant – on record with saying what “the Lord started telling them”. In my eyes, one who says such things is either Padre Pio or a rather deluded person; but when this deluded person points out to a simple reality which can be verified by everyone able to read – and to think; which is more difficult, I start to notice -, then what she says is right even if she wraps it up in the Proddie “I, the buddy of the Lord”- propaganda.

In this instance, the issue is very simple: the magazine Cosmopolitan is a pornographic publication. Read the article and you’ll persuade yourself very easily.

This comes rather handy, because I had already thought about inflicting you a medium-lenght rant about the unspeakable rubbish that are the Londoner public-transport magazines like Metro and Evening Standard, crappy publications in which no day goes by without some reference to the “normality” of sodomy, or lesbianism. These newspapers are picked up by children who travel every day to go to school or move around, and can very easily – in the absence of guidance from home – unconsciously mold their young mind without them even noticing.

This is, in a way, even worse than Cosmopolitan, then if the latter is a clearly obscene publication, it does not  do anything to hide it – actually, they try to sell through it – whilst the rubbish a’ la Metro puts perversion in a dimension of total normality. You can also say that if the fifteen year old Cosmo reader has already made a choice – if a very childish one – that she wants to be a slut,  the eight year old child finding the Evening Standard on the seat hasn’t.

There should really be a bit more attention about this. The adult slut doesn’t need to see the cover of Cosmopolitan to know what rubbish is inside. Then she can as well have the magazine in a brown bag.


Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

I am more and more persuaded that if one wants to read contemporary sources of undoubted Catholic orthodoxy, the SSPX is the place where to look.

For this reason, whenever you think or suspect that something is not orthodox enough, or might be “nuChurch” under the appearance of orthodoxy, it is never wasted time to look what the SSPX says on the matter. These are people willing to be excommunicated to remain faithful to Truth, and there is no way they are going to compromise.

Let us take, for example, the “extra ecclesiam nulla salus” question – so often misused by misinformed – or disingenuous – Protestants to shoot at the Church and criticise her alleged lack of common sense – and let us see what Archbishop Lefebvre had to say on the matter.

From the “Open Letter to Confused Catholics”, available online in English from the SSPX Asia

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Bitter Reflections On Todays’ Reading

St. Peter clearly encouraged the use of guitars at Mass… erm, no, wait…

From today’s (Novus Ordo) first reading, Jeremiah 23:1-6

“Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!” says the Lord.


“You have scattered the flock, driven them away, and you have not attended them. Behold, I will attend to you for your evil doings, says the Lord”


hhhmmm… let us see…

The vast part of the Catholic world could not recite the ten commandments. They have no idea what a rosary is, or a work of mercy; their knowledge of prayers probably stops at Hail Mary and Lord’s prayer. In their vast majority, they do not even know mass attendance is a duty. They consider, in great numbers, contraception pretty much OK. They aren’t very shocked at abortion. They have a vague idea of what sacraments are, and why they are there. Most do not believe in transubstantiation. In their vast number, they have never been explained anything of this: not about their sunday mass obligation, not about their need for confession. Transubstantiation has never been hammered to them more than, say, the sins crying to heaven for vengeance. if asked, they would find it very difficult to tell you what is that characterises a Catholic as opposed to other Christians. They know nothing about the meaning of basic words like “charity”, or “faith”. If they have heard of theological virtues, it must have been because of some fantasy book, or video game .

There are masses not even a Pentecostal would consider decent, with the long-haired priest singing like an idiot to the tune of electric guitars. Or with lasers. Or with the priest dancing like an Hindu. Or with some other stupid form of show meant to make you understand how modern, cool, and utterly innovative the priest is. Masses celebrated even in Cathedrals, with the obvious approval of the local (bad) shepherd.

There are priests and bishops trying every day to undermine Catholic teaching,and Cardinals either helping them, or doing nothing whilst the former massacre our Catholic identity.

There is a Pope writing books whilst Rome burns; unwilling to stop the subversive prelates, and appointing scores of them to episcopal dignity time and again, where they will savage everything Catholic for decades to come; promoting them to highest positions, when they happen to be his own friends; clearly more interested in his legacy as a theologian than as a Pope, and seemingly uninterested in the countless souls going lost in the present climate; but very attentive that the SSPX should recognise the righteousness of V II, that is: of his life work as a theologian and Pope.

In the meantime, Catholicism becomes more and more a religion by hearsay. A growing number of Catholics do not baptise their children, and the grandparents can’t find the gut to say anything even when they care. But the priest smiles and tells them to rejoice in the Lord, so everything must be fine. Joy is everywhere in nuChurch, whence fire and brimstone have all but disappeared. Catholicism tries to joyfully extinguish himself away (hint: it won’t happen) whilst old people sing horrible songs and rejoice about their unbaptised grandchildren, who are under the all-joyful protection of the Spirit, surely?

I could go on, and everyone of you could add to this list.

I wonder whether Jeremiah’ passage might relate to the present times?

Oh, apologies, I had forgotten once again…

How can this be so, if all the wonderful achievements of the past 50 years were a joyous creation of the “Spirit?”

How very un-Catholic of me to even think so…

Still, there is also something else I Know…

“Then I will gather the remnant of my flock out of all the countries where I have driven them, and I will bring them back to their fold, and they shall be fruitful and multiply. I will set shepherds over them who will care for them, and they shall fear no more, nor be dismayed, neither shall be any missing, says the Lord.”

One day, the fold will be driven back and this senseless massacre of everything Catholic will cease. One day, the Church will re-emerge from the present crisis, from this state of drunkenness and mad search for popularity and friendship with the world, and will surge once again upon the ruins of Western moral civilisation. One day, the present cowardly dwarfs of the Church will make place to real Princes, able and willing to fight once again for unpopular truths. 

One day, common sense will be recovered, and “Virgin” will mean “Virgin” again.

I doubt many of us will see that day. But I know it will come, and if we die first it is the more important that we remain alert and vigilant all our life, so that the bad shepherds do not enchant us with their easy modernist gospel, or even induce us to consider halfway acceptable that a priestly ass should sing with electric guitars in a church, and his bishop allow him to do so, and his pope not do anything about it.


Three Cheers For The Boy Scouts Of America

My Duty To God.

In a rather astonishing show of social conservative spirit, and in a world where more and more institutions begin to bow to the common madness and accept homosexuality as normality, and the indecency of proclaiming one’s perversion out loud a civil right, it is extremely comforting to know the Boy Scouts of America have shown a very long finger to the madness of our times.

This is, mind, no fringe group, counting in the US more than 2.7 million young member and another 1 million volunteers. The Episcopalians would be proud of being able to boast such figures.

You may say it is surprising the Boy Scouts of America reviewed their policy in the first place, but with the benefit of hindsight (and considering this is not a Catholic organisation) it is fair to say this might have been the best way to put the calls for “reform” to rest once and for all.

This is how the Chief Scout Executive of the organisation puts it:

“The vast majority of the parents of youth we serve value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers, and at the appropriate time and in the right setting. While a majority of our membership agrees with our policy, we fully understand that no single policy will accommodate the many diverse views among our membership or society.”

Behind the thinly veiled political correctness, you can read a couple of very clear messages: the parents are overwhelmingly on the side of reason, and those who disagree are very welcome to leave the organisation.

Expect now the usual avalanche of indignation from champagne-sipping, more or less straight, adulterous urbanites (those kind of people unlikely to send their boys to the boy-scouts anyway), and the usual screeching of the organised faggotry.  I read around about a chap with two lesbian “mothers” complaining about the policy, clearly not complying with the moral standards which have (not) been transmitted to him. You don’t say?

The population of the United States is, in their vats majority, still sound thinking and with some fear of the Lord remaining in them. It is now their duty to attack the work of corrupted and satanic judges and use democracy to restore sanity.


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The BBC has, as you would expect, a morning program. It should be one of those programs where two people (one man and one woman; pleasant but not too attractive; pleasantly communicative but not too invasive; you know the type) sit on a couch and inform us about a variety of things: the hose pipe ban, what’s happening on the M25, your five a day, and the like.

Not so in Beebistan, the planet where political correctness reigns unopposed, and liberal propaganda does not spare anyone, not even children. Saturday morning, the viewers were served a fat, uncommonly ugly woman dressed like a priest. I am sure she was in black because it helped to mask her more than generous proportions, but by the way she behaved she could have had a red nose and no one would have noticed anyway.

The woman was one of those middle-aged fuglies trying…

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SSPX-Vatican Discussions: Some Thoughts

Great man. Pray for him.

In case someone should not have enough already of this interminable ping-pong, I would like to add some considerations to explain how – at least in my limited understanding – thing are going as I write.


I would say the negotiations are not dead. They are, very probably, still going on as we speak. The SSPX text is very clear in that it does not close any door, let alone slam it. The Vatican answer reinforces the impression. I note here the latter mentions a separate document (the famous “road map”) they are awaiting, and it is not clear to me whether this document will be made public when it is released. Methinks, it might be already on Archbishop Di Noia’s desk.


As always, the SSPX expresses itself with wonderful clarity, and makes evident no single inch of orthodox Catholic territory will be given away. The fact that this statement comes from the General Chapter must persuade the most unrealistically minded people in the Vatican that their dream of “acceptance of V II” (meaning with this: of the errors and distortion of V II, and the entire mentality behind it)  from the side of the SSPX is just-not-going-to-happen. The Vatican boys may like this or not, but that’s how it is; if they want to talk in a serious way, they must know this is how it is going to be.


The press release, whilst gentle in its tones, lays some very heavy charges (all of them, if you ask me, perfectly justified and proved by a mountain of daily growing evidence) at the Vatican’s door. They accuse the Vatican of being silent in the face of widespread apostasy and heresy; or not having been serious in their discussions up to now; and of having misused and disfigured Tradition with unacceptable novelties not in line with it, on whose acceptance they nevertheless insist. The consequence of this is also very clear: serious discussions will only be possible if this position of the SSPX is, if clearly not approved, at least accepted as a legitimate point of view. This is, in my eyes, the point around which the entire exercise revolves. The SSPX is not asking the Vatican to convert to their vision of Tradition in order to discuss or be regolarised. But there will be no agreement unless and until their position is seen as a legitimate one. This is, as I see it, a simple “yes or no” question, on which it is inconceivable that the Vatican might not have a well-defined position. If they accept the SSPX stance, they should negotiate about the details as long as they please. If they don’t, it might be wiser to stop wasting their time. 


The SSPX gives a diplomatic, but rather stern answer to the matter of what happened in June. My personal opinion is that they do not even pretend to be so naive as to believe that Cardinal Levada would take it as a new hobby to change texts already approved by the Holy Father (in this case, it would have been very easy to accuse him in some diplomatic way). On the contrary, it seems clear to me they are well aware the Holy Father himself has either eaten his word because scared of the results of the agreement, or he has wilfully lied to them when he first indicated his agreement with the SSPX’s version of the preambolo. Their answer to this is rather laconic: “We do not make names here, but if you want to talk to us be serious and stop playing  clever guys”.


I have read and re-read the SSPX statement and, as always, found myself in agreement with almost every word (the only exception being the rather whining implicit accusation that the Vatican is “persecuting” them; in my eyes a wild exaggeration). Most importantly, I find that the clarity of thought and speech of the SSPX puts to shame the doublespeak or outright heresy we hear from Vatican officials and prelates in good standing with now almost daily frequency, as the meltdown of the – weak at the best of times – Papal authority causes a renewed, massive attack on Tradition from wicked princes of the Church, mainly German or Austrian ones.

We will see in the coming months how all this evolves. In my eyes, following considerations must be made:

1. At this point, it is not so terribly important whether an agreement is reached. Pope Benedict will probably not live long, and his successor will be able to denounce or quietly dismount every agreement which might have been reached during this pontificate, or to reach an agreement with much better chances of, so to speak, consolidating its position on the ground. Much more important than this is that the SSPX hasn’t given away an inch of properly intended, traditional orthodoxy. God bless them.

2. As stated above, the Holy Father must – as in: must – make a decision whether he accepts that the SSPX will continue not to accept what they think wrong in V II, and continue to say so. If he does, ways will be found to allow the SSPX to work properly – but as… SSPX –  from a position of full communion. If he doesn’t, he is just wasting his time, or more probably posturing as a Pope looking with a benevolent eye on Traditionalists, when in fact he only wants to destroy them.

It is my personal impression that the Holy Father wanted to be too clever by half, firstly letting the SSPX smell the blood of reconciliation and then taking away the bait at the last moment, in the hope they would either lacerate internally over this, or perhaps even be moved to extraordinary concessions for the sake of this “reconciliation” now being dangled in front of their eyes. In case you would think the Pope would not do that, please reflect this is exactly what he tried to do, as cardinal, with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, an institution clearly meant to become the trojan horse inside the SSPX citadel, and a strategy which failed already.

The strategy of division failed a first time in 1988, and a second time in 2012. It is time to see reality for what it is and realise that the SSPX doesn’t care two straws for a reconciliation which asks them to sacrifice what they stand for, though they are always ready for a reconciliation allowing them to fight for true orthodoxy from a position of full communion, and with guarantees of not being regaled  with the next trojan horse as a result.

God bless the SSPX.


Technical Note: The Comment Box

I notice with not-so-beautiful regularity that some people think the comment box is a place to launch themselves in dissertations or, at least, complex discussion going, to a more or less large (generally large) extent, beyond the subject matter of the post published.

Allow me to say once again that the comment box is there for… comments. A comment is, in my opinion, something reasonably short; otherwise it is not a comment, but the start of a parallel discussion.

Now, in a forum – generally maintained by a professionally run structure – one could do this kind of thing: I “attach” my 500-word reflection on a certain matter, and someone will pick it up.

Not here. This is a blog, run by one person. This person has limited time for comments, and wants to employ his time with his own topics, rather than other readers’.

If it were possible, I would set a limit to the length of comments, but as fas as I can see it isn’t.

Still, please do not abuse of the comment box, and use it for your – reasonably short – observations. I spend hours on this blog taken away from my free time, and at time from my sleep time. I want full control of everything that appears on this blog – this is not an exercise in democracy, but in orthodoxy as far as it is possible to my limited understanding – and therefore every unduly long message takes away time I want to use for other purposes.

Comments which are too long will, from now on, be cancelled without explanation.   I am sure at least those who have a blog will understand me, and I kindly ask the others to believe my motives on my word.


The Fruits of Vatican II

From yesterday’s SSPX communique’

“doctrinal mutism is not the answer to this “silent apostasy”, which even John Paul II denounced already in 2003.”


amidst a Church in crisis and a world which distances itself farther from God and His law with each passing day.


waiting for the day when an open and serious debate will be possible which may allow the return to Tradition of the ecclesiastical authorities 

If I understand correctly, the chap in white with the long hair is a Catholic priest, and this horror was set in scene in a real Catholic Cathedral.

In other words, this is not a movie, or a joke. This is supposed to be the real thing.

Welcome to the Church of Paul VII.

In case you want more, here is another video about the same exercise. Note how after (or during?)  the “concert” what is supposed to be Holy Communion is distributed among the “faithful”, leaving one in no doubt that this is not a joke or a videomontage, but a bona fide Vatican II mass. The priest is  (cela va sans dire) in full communion, and no doubt he has the bishop’s blessing.

After this beautiful “outpouring of the Spirit” (both videos from Catholic Church Conservation) , excuse me if I terrify you with the shocking images of the schismatic Mass of a splinter group of disobedient priests, who have the unspeakable arrogance to doubt all the wonderful things the Spirit is doing for the Church.

Thankfully, the bishop clearly approved the mass (or attempt of it) of the first two videos, and I am glad to inform you the splinter group is not in full communion, and the Holy Father is allegedly very cross with them. They are disobedient, you see.

Tsk, tsk…

Perhaps they should buy an electric guitar and start staging such “masses”?

This would mean they are obedient to the Pope, surely?

Forgive my stupidity, I had failed to understand that the SSPX is the real problem afflicting the Church today. The only words I can say to my defence are:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host –
by the Divine Power of God –
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.



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Dan Savage is, of course, a despicable pervert.

But being a pervert does not prevent one from being, occasionally, right. Mrs Savage managed it with his recent assertion that the so-called GOPride people are “faggots”.

Of course they are, Mrs Savage.

They are, because they are like you.  So, what logical conclusion will you draw from this?

Still, we must not expect any kind of logical reasoning from people like him. Hysterical bitching and hate of each other is far more probable.

Faggots, all of them.




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Vatican-SSPX: Ping & Pong

Peter Paul Rubens: “Allegory on the blessings of peace”

In another round of the endless ping-pong game between the SSPX and the Vatican, today we were treated with a declaration of the SSPX – for internal use, and public knowledge – and with the – semel in anno – rather smart answer of the Vatican.

Allow me to copy the two texts in their entirety with my short(ish) emphases and comments about what I think the SSPX want to convey to the Vatican, and vice versa. In the next days, I will probably expand a bit more for those already not bored to death already.


Declaration of the General Chapter of the Society of Saint Pius X sent to the Holy See

As announced in the press communiqué of the Society of St. Pius X’s General House on July 14, 2012, the members of the General Chapter sent a common statement to Rome. It has been published today.
During the interview published at DICI on July 16, Bishop Bernard Fellay stated that this document was “the occasion to specify the (SSPX’s) road map insisting upon the conservation of the Society’s identity, the only efficacious means to help the Church to restore Christendom”. “For,” he said, “doctrinal mutism is not the answer to this “silent apostasy”, which even John Paul II denounced already
 in 2003.” [ You may prefer to shut up, but we won’t].

At the conclusion of the General Chapter of the Society of St. Pius X, gathered together at the tomb of its venerated founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, and united with its Superior General, the participants, bishops, superiors, and most senior members of the Society elevate to Heaven our heartfelt thanksgiving, grateful for the 42 years of marvelous Divine protection over our work, amidst a Church in crisis and a world which distances itself farther from God and His law with each passing day.

We wish to express our gratitude to each and every member of our Society: priests, brothers, sisters, third order members; to the religious communities close to us and also to our dear faithful, for their constant dedication and for their fervent prayers on the occasion of this Chapter, marked by frank exchanges of views and by a very fruitful common work. Every sacrifice and pain accepted with generosity has contributed to overcome the difficulties which the Society has encountered in recent times. We have recovered our profound unity in its essential mission: to preserve and defend the Catholic Faith, to form good priests, and to strive towards the restoration of Christendom. [Christendom has been so savaged by your “doctrinal mutism” and embracing the world, that it now needs a restoration] We have determined and approved the necessary conditions for an eventual canonical normalization. [We are not against normalisation per se. But we won’t allow the Vatican to use it to envelop us in a mortal embrace, or to make us accept the errors of V II]. We have decided that, in that case, an extraordinary Chapter with deliberative vote will be convened beforehand. [You will not succeed in dividing us, and Bishop Fellay will never act of his own initiative against the cadres of the SSPX].  

We must never forget that the sanctification of the souls always starts within ourselves. It is the fruit of a faith which becomes vivifying and operating by the work of charity, according to the words of St. Paul: “For we can do nothing against the truth: but for the truth” (cf. II Cor., XIII, 8), and “as Christ also loved the church and delivered himself up for it… that it should be holy and without blemish” (cf. Eph. V, 25 s.).

The Chapter believes that the paramount duty of the Society, in the service which it intends to offer to the Church, is to continue, with God’s help, to profess the Catholic Faith in all its purity and integrity [ because you clearly don’t do it, with a determination matching the intensity of the constant attacks to which this very Faith is subjected nowadays [if you think you can scare us with threat of further excommunications or declaration of schism, forget it now].

For this reason it seems opportune that we reaffirm our faith in the Roman Catholic Church, the unique Church founded by Our Lord Jesus Christ, outside of which there is no salvation nor possibility to find the means leading to salvation [we reaffirm what you don’t have the nerve to say anymore, and reject your sugary doublespeak] ; our faith in its monarchical constitution, desired by Our Lord himself, by which the supreme power of government over the universal Church belongs only to the Pope, Vicar of Christ on earth; our faith in the universal Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Creator of both the natural and the supernatural orders, to Whom every man and every society must submit.

The Society continues to uphold the declarations and the teachings of the constant Magisterium of the Church [ because no Pope can change the Truth] in regard to all the novelties of the Second Vatican Council which remain tainted with errors [ the novelties of V II are tainted with errors…] , and also in regard to the reforms issued from it [and what came later was even worse]. We find our sure guide in this uninterrupted Magisterium which, by its teaching authority, transmits the revealed Deposit of Faith in perfect harmony with the truths that the entire Church has professed, always and everywhere.[where there is rupture, there can’t be infallible Magisterium]

The Society finds its guide as well in the constant Tradition of the Church, which transmits and will transmit until the end of times the teachings required to preserve the Faith and the salvation of souls [same concept as above], while waiting for the day when an open and serious debate will be possible which may allow the return to Tradition of the ecclesiastical authorities [ We will wait. And wait. And wait. But it’s not us who will have to change their minds about the novelties tainted with errors of V II].

We wish to unite ourselves to the others (sic) Christians persecuted [Mundabor: “Persecuted”? Come on!] in different countries of the world who are now suffering for the Catholic Faith, some even to the extent of martyrdom. Their blood, shed in union with the Victim of our altars, is the pledge for a true renewal of the Church in capite et membris, according to the old saying sanguis martyrum semen christianorum.

Finally, we turn our eyes to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is also jealous of the privileges of her Divine Son, jealous of His glory, of His Kingdom on earth as in Heaven. How often has she intervened for the defense, even the armed defense, of Christendom against the enemies of the Kingdom of Our Lord! We entreat her to intervene today to chase the enemies out from inside the Church who are trying to destroy it more radically than its enemies from outside. May she deign to keep in the integrity of the Faith, in the love of the Church, in devotion to the Successor of Peter, all the members of the Society of St. Pius X and all the priests and faithful who labor alongside the Society, in order that she may both keep us from schism and preserve us from heresy.

“May St. Michael the Archangel inspire us with his zeal for the glory of God and with his strength to fight the devil.

“May St. Pius X share with us a part of his wisdom, of his learning, of his sanctity, to discern the true from the false and the good from the evil in these times of confusion and lies.” (Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre; Albano, October 19, 1983).

Given at Ecône, on the 14th of July of the Year of the Lord 2012.


Communiqué of the Holy See Press Office

The recently concluded General Chapter of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X has addressed a Declaration regarding the possibility of a canonical normalization in the relationship of the Fraternity and the Holy See. [ We are still talking about a normalisation] While it has been made public, the Declaration remains primarily an internal document for study and discussion among the members of the Fraternity. [This is for internal use. This is not the document we are waiting for].

 The Holy See has taken note of this Declaration [we didn’t like it, but we got it: there will be no summer sale of the SSPX mainstays] , but awaits the forthcoming official Communication of the Priestly Fraternity [ we wait for something more concrete, the “road map” specifying exactly how the SSPX thinks to continue the discussions and how they envisage a canonical structure] as their dialogue with the Pontifical Commission “Ecclesia Dei” continues [You will talk with Di Noia, not Mueller].
Waiting for the next “ping” now, probably the famous “road map”, which might not be made public.
O how much I would like to read the “preambolo” and the minutes of the discussions…..

“Guilty As Charged”: Chick-fil-A Stand On Christian Values.

They won’t chicken out in front of the atheist attack: Chick-fil-A

After the business I have presented to you yesterday, today I read about another – even bigger – business openly admitting it operates according  to Christian values. 

Whilst my envy as a European grows, this might be the slow beginning of a wider movement by which more and more companies understand that sincerely felt – and therefore credible – Christian values are a good business proposition. 

As the battle against sodomy and euthanasia goes on, it is not difficult to imagine that more and more people will feel naturally inclined to spend more on products and services provided by companies they know are on their own side. On the other side, a maximum of 1% of perverts and some die-hard liberal might do the same, but I think if we put the two sides one against the other there’s no battle at all.

Or you can put it in another way: companies like Chick-fil-A do not care two straws if they should lose some liberal clients, but companies like Starbucks might soon be terrified at the amount of money they see go to the competition.

Wishing those  “Christian businesses” (well, the article beautifully says there’s nothing like a “Christian business”, but it still gives the idea..) all success in the world.


Scotland Marching Towards Hell?

Farewell, then…

And so we are informed the referendum asked by Cardinal O’Brien on whether the Scots should institutionalisesodomy will not take place. Too much democracy, the Scottish MP must have thought. Democracy is good to pump money out of Westminster or procure jobs and privileges for themselves , but it can’t be allowed to interfere with the plans of the local political class, surely?

Granted, Scotland isn’t such a big affair in the great economy of things, and equates to roughly 1,5% of, say, the US population. One can safely say if the battles in front of us are won in the US, it won’t be long before Scotland also sees the light. Still, it grates me exceedingly that Scottish politicians, of whom so many always have the mouth so full of self-determination, should decide the Scots cannot determine for themselves on matters as this one.

Of course, the Scots as a whole aren’t much better than their elected politicians, as it must perforce happen in a democracy. Still, if they had been asked they would, as it appears increasingly more evident, not have allowed the legislation to pass.

Better introduce it against their will, then, whilst lulling them with populist ideas of independence. They certainly won’t stage any sort of democratic revolt for a matter like that, and the local political class will be able to court the 1% or less of the perverts without fearing much damage from the others. That’s how they think it’ll go, and notwithstanding the latest mini-delay (probably just a way to make absolutely sure this doesn’t become a boomerang; also note on the link the faggoty photo and faggoty bias of the “guardian”) this is very probably how it is going to be. Needless to say, homo-organisations salute the decision to NOT let the people have their say, so everything must be fine.

I have been for a long time a fervent supporter of Scotland’s independence, but now more than ever it is vital that they go their own way – or are kicked out if they don’t – and help England become more Conservative (both politically and socially) as a result (how many Tory constituency in Scotland, again?). If Scotland can’t be saved, there might be more chances to save the rest, mainly England.

On Scotland’s head be it, say I. Methinks, they’ll go along with their elected politicians without much fuss and, in time, who knows how many of them will go to hell. It will teach them to look on whilst their country is given to Satan and to consider such matters more or less  innocuous “social changes” not worthy of their attention.

Horrible accent, anyway.


Abiding Sorrow For Sin: A CTS Vintage Booklet

Abiding Sorrow For Sin: A CTS Vintage Booklet.

Nazis, Hamsters & Western Democracies

Kills little hamsters. But at least doesn’t call it “reproductive health”.

I have written some days ago about the astonishing Feminazi murdering her baby and (allegedly) documenting the feat on the internet (satanic, one can safely say. Thankfully, I have avoided clicking the site to make sure of this).

I would like today to spend a couple of words on a phrase reported in the article. Speaking of the Feminazi butcher, the author of the article wrote:

She noted the content of numerous “hate” e-mails was some variant of the message: “Maybe you do not know God or that abortion is a sin? Praying for you!”

I sincerely hope those who have written such rather sugary words were not Catholics. A Catholic who has been properly instructed – or has simply switched on his brains – knows that there is no way a mother can kill her baby and think it’s all right. What is she, a hamster? 

Hamsters have no soul and as such behave according to their instincts. But humans have a soul, and God has put into everyone of them a basic concept of what is wrong and what is right, in such a way that no excuses are possible. The idea that a mother could kill one’s own child without “knowing” this to be a sin is, in fact, so outlandish, so out of this world that only very few civilisations have coped with such practices, which are considered abominable by most souls – and when it happened, like in Sparta, I doubt the practice was welcomed by the mothers themselves -. Still, even thosepeople had to know that it is a sin, because God has written it in their heart, however much they decide to ignore it. It is called natural law, and every murderous abortionist ignores it at his own peril.

Strangely enough, no one ever asked Himmler: “you do not know God, or that the extermination of Jews is a sin?”

Abortion is a Holocaust of much, much vaster proportions, brought about by degenerated democracies in nothing short of the cruelty of Nazism. I know this is difficult to accept because our generation has been raised up in the cult of democracy, but the reality is under everyone’s eyes. Abortion, euthanasia, sodomy, we have a vast range of atrocities on the rise in a fairly efficient democratic environment.

Like Hamsters, democracies are killing their own little ones.

But the fact is, their voters aren’t hamsters, and will have to answer for what they do. 


Czech Republic: Massive Restitutions To Church In Sight

Charles Bridge, Prague



This is not completely dry as there will battle in the Senate, but the Low Chamber has approved a massive plan of restitution of Church property (plus property of other communities, I presume) and monetary compensation after the expropriations of the Communist era.

One must think that Eastern Europe is where the counter attack of Catholicism will begin – when the Vatican wakes up, obviously – as in countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and even Russia the Christian humus seems to be much more solid than even in the traditional Catholic countries like Italy, Spain (ha!), or Portugal.

The fact that the decision has been timed to coincide with a visit of the Czech Prime Minister to the Holy Father shows that in these countries to defend Christian – or, more specifically, Catholic – countries still pays from a purely political point of view, even if – sadly – Catholicism has been on a free fall for a long time over there (another miracle of V II, I suppose). Still, as long as there is a diffuse sense of Christian values, a determined leadership can do much in just a matter of decades. Provided, of course, they do not treat them with tambourine, felt banners and “social justice” activism.

Again, the cat is not yet in the sack (if Anglo-Saxon cats do not go into sacks, peace: Italian cats do…) and this might still be a very bumpy road. But even more than 20 years after the collapse of Communism there can be no mistaking the difference with the satiated, indifferent, stupid, perverted Western Europe.


Pro-Life “Four Brothers”: JTM Food Group

Life sells!

This is to pay tribute to a not-so-small company which has been proudly displaying the strong pro-life convictions of its owners for… the last 15 years; and has been prospering whilst doing it.

This is a family run operation owned by four brothers. The CEO is Mr Tony Maas, a chap with very clear ideas about life in general.

Maas says that JTM has never encountered a complaint about the unapologetically pro-life messages that have been on his semitrailers for 15 years.

“Quite frankly, we never get any bad calls. It’s all good.”

Maas said that his pro-life convictions were passed on to him from his “extremely Catholic” parents and grandparents who believed that with the passage of Roe v. Wade, there would be a need for “much prayer, not just for the babies, but for the mothers who were going to have abortions and for the grief that they would be experiencing.”

Maas explained that a culture of life is founded upon the principles that “God has made us”, that a man and a woman come together to form a “forever relationship in the sacrament of marriage” through which children are born, and that “strong families” are the building blocks of a flourishing society.

“Unfortunately our culture has countered these principles with the destruction of human life through abortion,” he said.

“A culture of life is about being obedient to God and his plan whereas a culture of death is about being disobedient to God and his plan.”

“There’s nothing more important in this world than trying to bring people to the truth, because there’s a lot of people living in misery because of ignorance.”

“It’s our responsibility to have our company honoring God with what we do, and to evangelize in the setting that he has given us.”

“To be honest with you, it’s good. It’s good business.”

Moral integrity, business sense, and an “extremely Catholic” background (we are not told whether the “four brothers” are all Catholic, but one can hope…)  obviously mix here to create a success now going through the third generation, and $100m turnover a year for a family business certainly witness the soundness of the business model.

Compare with the like of Starbucks, peddling their ideology (and, hopefully, coffee with it) to a tiny minority of perverts and a less tiny minority of degenerate urban cretins: a strategy which has already started to hurt, and will hurt more in the years to come.

Conclusion: pro-life works in business, too, whilst support for perversion damages business, too.  I can easily predict that in five or ten years’ time Starbucks will try to let their customers forget their “message” with the same zeal with which Marks & Spencer backpedaled on what must have been the most cretinous campaign of the century: the “Plan A” to “save the planet”, (and I quote) “because  there is no plan B”.


Spot The Error

Heard at a Novus Ordo Mass not many weeks ago.


” In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit”


“The Lord be with You”

“And with your spirit”

“Good morning everybody!”



SSPX: We Cannot Keep Silent

If anyone thought he would put him in his pocket, he must now be disappointed: bishop Fellay.

From the DICI website, an interview with Bishop Fellay about what is happening.

As always, this SSPX interview is a joy to read. One compares them with the inane blabber coming from the Vatican, and is ashamed.

Comments and Emphases mine.


“DICI : How did the General Chapter go? How was the mood of the meeting?

Bishop Fellay : It took place in a rather hot atmosphere, since July is a particularly hot month in the Valais! [ nice joke, this one…] But in a very busy schedule, where the members of the Chapter were able to freely exchange ideas, as it befits such a working meeting.

DICI : Were you able to discuss the relations with Rome? Were there any forbidden questions? The dissensions manifested within the SSPX these last moths, have they calm down?

Bishop Fellay : That makes for quite a few questions! Regarding Rome, we went to the very heart of the issues, and all the capitularies were able to study the complete file. Nothing was left aside and there were no taboos among us. It was my duty to exhibit with detail all the documentation exchanged with the Vatican, something which was rendered difficult by the obnoxious climate of recent months. This made it possible for us to conduct direct discussions which have cleared out the doubts and dissipated any misunderstandings, resulting in peace and unity of hearts, which of course is something to rejoice about.

DICI : How do you foresee the relations with Rome after this Chapter?

Bishop Fellay : All ambiguity has now been resolved among us. Very soon we will convey to Rome the position of the Chapter, which has been the occasion to specify our road map insisting upon the conservation of our identity, the only efficacious means to help the Church to restore Christendom. [= there will be no swallowing of the SSPX]. As I told you recently, “if we want to make fruitful the treasure of Tradition for the benefit of souls, we must both speak and act” (cf. interview of 8 June 2012, DICI #256). We cannot keep silent when facing the rampant loss of faith, the staggering fall of the number of vocations, and the decrease of religious practice. [ what rampant loss of faith? Wasn’t V II the masterpiece of the Holy Spirit? Tsk, tsk…]. We cannot refrain from speaking when confronted with the “silent apostasy” and its causes. Doctrinal mutism is not the answer to this “silent apostasy” which even John Paul II denounced already in 2003. [ this is another fine piece of humour…]

Our approach is inspired not only by the doctrinal firmness of Archbishop Lefebvre but also by his pastoral charity. The Church has always considered that the best testimony to the truth is to be found in the early Christians’ unity built in prayer and charity. They had “but one heart and one soul,” as we read in the Acts of the Apostles (cf. Acts 4, 32). Such a common ideal is also our watchword, Cor Unum being the name of the internal bulletin of the SSPX. Hence we distance ourselves resolutely from all those who have tried to take advantage of the situation in order to drive a wedge turning Society members against each other [this is one for Williamson and one for the Vatican, I think…]. Such a spirit does not come from God.

DICI : What are your thoughts on the appointment of Archbishop Mueller as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith?

Bishop Fellay : It is nobody’s secret that the former bishop of Regensburg, where our seminary of Zaitzkofen is located, does not like us. After the courageous action of Benedict XVI on our behalf, in 2009, he refused to cooperate and treated us like if we were lepers! He is the one who stated that our seminary should be closed and that our students should go to the seminaries of their dioceses of origin, adding bluntly that “the four bishops of the SSPX should resign”! (cf. interview with Zeit Online, 8 May 2009). [yours truly reported…]

For us what is more important and more alarming is his leading role at the head of the Congregation for the Faith, which must defend the Faith with the proper mission of fighting doctrinal errors and heresy. Numerous writings of Bishop Mueller on the real transubstantiation of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, on the dogma of Our Lady’s virginity, on the need of conversion of non-Catholics to the Catholic Church… are questionable, to say the least! There is no doubt that these texts would have been in the past the object of an intervention of the Holy Office, which now is the very Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith presided by him. [game, set and match Fellay…]. 

DICI : How do you see the future of the SSPX? In the midst of its fight for the Church’s Tradition, will the SSPX keep to the same knife’s edge?

Bishop Fellay : More than ever we must maintain the knife’s edge traced by our venerated founder. It is not easy to keep, yet absolutely vital for the Church and the treasure of its Tradition. We are Catholic, we recognise the pope and the bishops, but above all else we must keep intact the Faith, source of God’s grace. Therefore we must avoid all that may endanger the Faith, without trying to become a replacement for the Church, Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman. Far from us the idea of establishing a parallel Church, of exercising a parallel magisterium!

This was well explained by Archbishop Lefebvre more than thirty years ago: he did not wish to hand down anything else but what he himself had received from the Church of two millennia. This is what we want also, following his lead, so that we may effectively help “to restore all things in Christ.” It is not us who will break with Rome, the Eternal Rome, mistress of wisdom and truth. Nevertheless, it would be unrealistic to deny that there is a modernist and liberal influence in the Church since the Second Vatican Council and its subsequent reforms. In a word, we maintain the faith in the primacy of the Roman Pontiff and in the Church founded upon Peter, but we refuse all which contributes to the “self-demolition of the Church” acknowledged by Paul VI himself since 1968. May Our Lady, Mother of the Church, hasten the day of its authentic restoration!”


I do not know what you think about this, but in my eyes the SSPX has come out of the machinations of the Vatican more unite and stronger than it used to be. There is now a clear line of reconciliation if such an event is honestly pursued by the Pontiff, and refusal to be swallowed whole with the excuse of the “dying Pope who would oh so much want a reconciliation” (provided it leads to the death of the Society) if it isn’t.

Once again, it is not difficult to imagine the Society will keep the door of honest talk open. They know the Vatican is corrupted by strong strains of neo-modernism (or of modernism tout-court), but they also know Peter is the one they will continue to look to; hoping he will, one day, restore the Church to sobriety.


Episcopalians, On Their Deathbed, Appoint Loretta “Bishop”.

It appears very clear from the WSJ article that the parody of Christianity known as the “Episcopalians” are approaching death more rapidly than generally expected.

Last time I looked, they were supposed to still have around 2 million members. It appears now they might be reduced to around half that.

They did not start to die like flies, of course, though I suspect the average member age (do they say “member” over there? or is it chauvinistic?) must be rather comparable with the age of the typical UK altar “girl”. What has apparently happened is that not simply individual, but entire congregations, and delegates from whole States simply walk away.

Mind, this is not a great compliment for those who are involved, as they should be asked how they could stay until today in the first place; also, to leave an organisation that is not recognisable in any way as Christian anymore shouldn’t be a very difficult feat.

Still, the phenomenon seem now to have assumed such proportions as to impact the very way the central organisation works. Gone is the big Manhattan building, gone the expensive double chamber for the representatives; gone will soon be, no doubt, the lavish gatherings.

This organisation is dying a horrible death, with multiple legal confrontations to chase the assets of the communities deciding to walk, whilst becoming even more of a circus after adding to the female “bishops” the homosexual and in future (as soon as they find a candidate) the “transgendered” one.

I have the perfect candidate for them: Monty Python’s “Loretta”.


Stuck In The Sixties
Even here there is need for a new evangelization, which is why I propose you intensely live the Year of Faith, which will begin in October, 50 years from the opening of the Second Vatican Council. The Council documents contain an enormous wealth for the formation of new generations of Christians, for the formation of our conscience. So read them, read the Catechism of the Catholic Church and rediscover the beauty of being Christians, of being Church to enjoy the great “we” that Jesus has formed around him, to evangelize the world: the “we” of the Church, never closed, but always open and projected towards the proclamation of the Gospel.
Benedict XVI 
July 15, 2012
Of course the Sixties gave us many beautiful things: the Ferrari 250 GTO, Simon & Garfunkel’s stupendous melodies, Ronald Reagan’s “A time for Choosing” , Sergio Leone’s Westerns and –  if we look really hard –  a couple of other events, like for example yours truly’s appearance on this vale of tears…
but sadly, the Holy Father’s statement is much worse than this innocuous admission: it is the complete blindness to reality, and the utter denial of a devastation probably without precedents in the entire Church history; a devastation which is denied in its scale and causes, and whose first root is now indicated to us as the panacea able to help to restore what it has devastated in the first place. It beggars belief that after 50 years of such wreckage those who have caused it should still insist in offering it to us as something beautiful or useful in itself.
It reminds me of those people saying that the best cure for hangover is to drink more alcohol.
I stand with 2000 years of pre-drunkenness Catholicism, and thank you very much. There’s nothing V II can, qua V II, teach me that would make me a better Catholic. What is right in the Vatican II document was right also before V II, so I don’t need to take my teaching from there. What is misleading in V II can be better understood by sticking to pre-V II teaching, so I don’t need V II again. What is wrong in the V II documents  is, well, wrong and I reject it as not being in line with 2000 years of Catholicism. But truly, it beggars belief that we must still discuss these truisms after 50 years of massacre of everything Catholic: from the liturgy to the churches, from the devotions to the sacraments, from the understanding of the Eucharist to the role of the priest.
When after fifty years of directly or indirectly V II-caused devastation I read about the magnificent virtues of Vatican II I am strangely reminded of Austin Powers.
Without the extenuating circumstance of having been frozen.
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