Mary Ever-Virgin: Apologies To The Readers

Beato Angelico, “Annunciazione”.

In this most disgraceful of days, I must admit (until up to now, 6:45 pm of a rainy afternoon)  to be unable to express myself about what has happened in a way I would be pleased to, say, reblog in six months’ time. Perhaps none of you is interested in what I would have to write, but experience and the statistic page say that perhaps one or two might. I feel I am letting people down who in this day simply feel like crying, as I did if dear God had not made me a bit more pugnacious than that.

I invite you to pray to the Blessed Virgin in reparation for the offence publicly  made to her today.  

If my Catholicism depended from the Pope, I would say to you I have never been so ashamed of being a Catholic as today. But my Catholicism reposes on my faith in Christ and His Church, and therefore I tell you that I have never been so proud of being a Catholic as today: then if Jesus loves the Church so much that He allows such things to happen, surely there is more than a crumble of hope for a wretched sinner like myself.

Apologies, I am not fit to write any blog post I could read again in, say, six months’ time without blushing; which is, at now around Fifty, not an easy admission to make.

Pope Benedict’s mother and grandmother will, methinks, roll in their grave. As well they should.

Please pray the Blessed Virgin in reparation for the offence made to Her today.


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  1. Dear Mundabor

    Being in hospital I believe I have missed whatever has happened so please enlighten me asap

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