Heretics Luther, Zwingli, Calvin and Mueller On Mary Every-Virgin.

Martin Luther, prominent heretic

Martin Luther,  prominent heretic of the XVI century, believed in Mary Every-Virgin.

It is an article of faith that Mary is Mother of the Lord and still a virgin. … Christ, we believe, came forth from a womb left perfectly intact

Ulrich Zwingli, prominent heretic.

Ulrich Zwingli, another prominent heretic of the XVI century, expressed himself on the perpetual virginity of Mary as follows:

I firmly believe that Mary, according to the words of the gospel as a pure Virgin brought forth for us the Son of God and in childbirth and after childbirth forever remained a pure, intact Virgin.

John Calvin, prominent heretic

I do not have texts concerning that other prominent heretic of the time, John Calvin, but I am informed from an EWTN link (whence the other quotations also come) that he upheld the perpetual virginity of Mary.

Gerhard Mueller, prominent heretic.

Now let us see what a prominent heretic of the XXI century, Gerhard Mueller, thinks about the matter:

 [The doctrine is] “not so much concerned with specific physiological proprieties in the natural process of birth (such as the birth canal not having been opened, the hymen not being broken, or the absence of birth pangs), but with the healing and saving influence of the grace of the Savior on human nature.”

It is clear that of these four heretics, the first three still cling to the traditional Christian understanding of the Perpetual Virginity of Mary. Heretics as they were, they still got something right here and there.

The fourth heretic, on the contrary, is completely detached from 2000 years of Christian belief.

One finds it, therefore, rather surprising that this chap be put at the head of the Vatican congregation entrusted with the task of… protecting Catholic doctrine.

It is fair to say Martin Luther would have been more fitting for the job.

Congratulations, Holy Father.


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  1. One point is that now, fifty years after the theological and liturgical Revolution really got underway, there won’t be a single Bishop who does NOT share the Modernist’s obsession with changing the meaning of dogma and doctrine, emptying each of their clear meaning and substituting an innovation in its place.

    All of them have come through nu-Church’s seminaries and hierarchical ranks. There is, humanly-speaking, NO POSSIBILITY AT ALL of a man being appointed head of the CDF nor of any other Congregation who does NOT share the Modernists’ theology (or lack of it).

    This man’s red line seems to be a clerical and lay discipline very much within Vatican II limits: it’s fine to trash doctrine, question and re-formulate it; but don’t push on priestesses or the Pope’s prerogatives.

    Anyone who has read a good number of this Pope’s books can see the neo-protestant and Modernistic threads that run through all his work. Quite why so many people thought he would “restore all things in Christ”, starting with the Church, is beyond me.

    The appointments of Mueller and Roche, the hopeless and even heretical Bishops he has appointed, the scandalous treatment of the SSPX during the latter stages of recent discussions, show that:

    a) the pool of orthodoxy is so low now that he has to accept the fact that appointments have to be made from those whose heterodoxy is less than others;

    b) he has reached the point of giving up worrying about doctrine and instead aiming whatever disciplining is possible (given nu-Church’s conciliarism and commitment to non-condemnation) to those Bishops whose immorality and/or administrative-financial incompetence can’t be ignored;

    c) the warfare in the Curia is so great that he will appoint anyone at all who is personally loyal not to the Faith per se but to himself personally.

    This Pope will go down as another Paul VI: Paul VII, as Mundabor on this blog suggests.

    I for one no longer trust Benedict XVI at all.

  2. Mundabor,

    I was so depressed I could write nothing yesterday.

    A Catholic priest, a life-long friend, advised me yesterday that he will be leaving his diocese and attaching himself to the SSPX. The Muller appointment has convinced him that in conscience he must resist the drift of the Church under the rudderless leadership of this pope (a culmination of nearly 50 years of papal cavorting with the heretics) . The tone of his voice is resigned and sad — yet he said he’s grateful for the legacy of Archbishop Lefebvre.

    “Remember most gracious Virgin Mary……”

    • Senrex,

      I am the last one to criticise a priest who decides to go to the SSPX.
      My greeting and best wishes to him, but I would suggest to him that he takes a couple of weeks of reflection to be sure the decision is not driven by emotions.

      I refuse to see the SSPX as one iota less Catholic than the Pope, let alone Mueller and thank God for Archbishop Lefebvre.


  3. Nicely done. With this recent appointment we have yet another opportunity to exercise the virtue of Faith and Hope!

  4. Agere sequitur esse….the Pope knowingly appoints a fully-fledged Modernist heretic to guard Doctrine….. are we allowed to ask the $64, 000 question, now? Should we consider this man a fitting successor to Ottaviani? Is this the sort of ‘divine’ that Henry VIII would have consigned to the fire? The lunatics now officially run the asylum and by direct and official Papal appointment.

    • Extremely well said, John.

      It always seems to me some peopel thinks there are two Popes: the good Ratzinger existing only in their fantasies and giving them a cookie every now and then, and the not-so-good Ratzinger surrounded by wolves who force him – through some magic potion, I think – to do what he does not want to do.

      Agere sequitur esse.


  5. This is HORRIBLE!!! What is going ON at the Vatican??? I am asking my friend who has relatives that work there to find out more! Thanks for the Heads up Mundabor!

    • What is going on is that the Pope has thrown away the mask, and Paul VI was found to be behind.

      Not the end of the world, but at least let us not kid ourselves everything is fine. It isn’t.


  6. Muller is a good appointment. SSPX must re-enter the Church on Vatican terms, not its own. Their claim to be defending orthodoxy is just a mask for running their own little show. I certainly hope they are not granted a Personal Prelature but that individuals whether lay or ordained, are subsumed into dioceses and that those trained in SSPX seminaries, are individually assessed as to their need for further formation.

    • Nonsense, Fintan.

      Whatever your opinion of the SSPX, Mueller is the least qualified to hold an official position within the Church – let alone such an important one; let alone to be pit in charge of the defence of Catholic doctrine -.

      You must, furthermore, be very much a prisoner of your little V II dream if you think that such rigid Catholic as they are would disobey just in order to “run their little show”.

      As to the SSPX seminarians being “individually assessed”, keep dreaming…


  7. I am not dreaming! Muller has a realistic take on SSPX.Their seminaries train priests for SSPX, not for the Catholic Church. If they are to be reintegrated, many will require additional training.

    • Fintan,
      really, you must stop dreaming.
      SSPX seminarians do not need, nor will they ever accept, any sort of “reintegration”. They are as Catholic as they come, and they know it.

      I have wondered, rather, whether SSPX priests should not be lent to other seminaries – in case of reconciliation; don’t bet your pint – to try to make decent Catholic priests of those being formed there.

      Williamson is excellent at these things, I gather. If they let him promise he’ll shut up about the Holocaust, he could do an excellent job.

      Nothing of all this will happen, of course…


  8. You don’t get the point. If SSPX priests and seminarians refuse to be assessed and to undergo additional formation if deemed necessary – no problem, they just stay out in the cold.. If they wish to join the Church of Rome, they are under the authority of Rome and they will do as they are told. You are the dreamer, it is time you joined the real world…… and time I went to bed.

    • Fintan,
      I am not dreaming at all, I am describing the reality you have seen at work for almost 25 years now.

      The SSPX does not go to Catholicism lesson at the Vatican, and rightly so as recent and less recent event show that the contrary should be the case. As a consequence, either the Vatican accepts to be reconciled with them without strings attached, or there will be no reconciliation and amen.

      Frankly, I am not much interested anymore in this reconciliationTo me, a reconciliation would have been important as a signal that things are moving in the right direction. Once it is clear that this is not the case, I see it merely as a matter of justice towards the SSPX. If it happens, fine; if not, peace.


  9. Mundabor,

    I sense despite your abject disappointment, you won’t be leaving Holy Mother Church any time soon, and that is as it should be. The SSPX is still in schism, and they must return and buck up and try to reform the Church from within. The Body of Christ is broken, and they are the schismatics thus they must return home to Rome. Can you imagine how they might evolve a century from now? Can the Holy Spirit vouchsafe two different churches– I don’t think so!

    Benedict is still the man for me, and I think he is not cuckoo. I think he needs to reign in the Austrians and this is a strategy of sorts. Many Catholics do not portend anything cataclysmic happening subsequent to this appointment.

    We’re in good hands, M. Keep doing what you are doing to spread the Truth and Beauty of the One True Faith.

    God Bless You this day.

    • Thanks Akita-ette,

      of course I will never leave the Church, but I can’t understand whence do you have it that the SSPX be “in schism”. They are more Catholics, probably, than you and I together, and more orthodox, and even more obedient, unless special circumstances exist.

      The question isn;t whether the SSPX should enter “within”, but whether the canonical recognition will allow them to operate with the same freedom of today for proper Catholicism.

      I can’t see the conditions, but would love to be surprised.


  10. Mundabor

    I actually read the statement by Muller as being in complete agreement with what you apparantly believe about the Virgin Mary. To me the statement is simply focusing on Christ and His sacrifice being the reason for Mary being Ever-Virgin. This is clearly the Truth.

    • pbmbuc,

      you are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with the V II NuChurch. Truly, if you don’t get simple things I will not waste my time trying to explain them to you.


    • Mundabor,
      Thanks for a response. You are kind. I fail, however, to see how my comment drew your response. It seems like a ” no response at all” to pigeon hole what I said as a typical Vat II response. Certainly you believe that it is the saving reality of God through Christ that makes everything about the Virgin Mary true. She is not a primary source of all that she is. That’s all Muller is saying in the comment you cited as I see it.

    • pbmbuc,
      English is an easy language.

      Archbishop Mueller says the Blessed Virgin is not a virgin in the sense every sentient human being on this planet understands the word.

      The extent to which V II people are ready to twist words to say what it is convenient that the masses out there hear is nothing less than demonic.

      Imagine what chances Mueller would have had in front of an Inquisition tribunal – smart people; orthodox – and tell me whether the rot has not come at the very heart of the Vatican.

      All the rest is bollocks.


  11. Dunsscotus,

    by all understanding, your message vastly exceeds what I would consider halfway acceptable, and it would be too time consuming if I allowed such posts to be published (I exercise a strict censure over what is published here).
    If I published yours, I’d have to publish the others too…

    It is sad to have to do this by your first post, though…


    • No hard feelings, it was far too long, that was inexcusable of me. I won’t go on for so long again, although I hope the sentiments were sound.

    • They certainly were, and it would be a pleasure to have you writing here again… 🙂

  12. The “virginitas in partu” (virginity in giving birth) is a Catholic Dogma “de fide divina et catholica” – which must be believed by “Divine and Catholic faith,” infallibly proposed by the ordinary and universal Magisterium; whose denial on the part of Muller is therefore – formally heretical and presumably malicious: he cannot be excused on account of ignorance. The specific contents of this Catholic dogma are as follows: non-rupture of the physical virginal integrity (I omit the biological term “ex reverentiam”); the absence of labor pains; AND…the “sine sordibus” – the absence of the biological accidents of natural birth: placenta, umbilical cord, etc. Muller’s specious pretexts and clever circumlocutions just indicate his degree of hatred for Our Lord Jesus Christ and his Most Holy and Immaculate Mother…[cf., Pius XII, in Mystici Corporis: “…it was a miraculous birth.” Vatican II: “..whose birth not only did not diminish his Mother’s virginal integrity, but augmented it;” repeated by John Paul II in his catechetical and Marian discourses…]

    • Excellently said, and many thanks for your precise intervention. “Specious pretexts and clever circumlocutions” seems to me particularly apposite and, alas, so typical of so much of the trash theology of the last decades.

      I cannot, however, apportion all the blame on the Archbishop without thinking of the responsibility of the one who appointed him to, of all things, the position of guardian of Catholic orthodoxy.


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