Higgs Boson Does Not Really Change The Question Of God

Looks strange, but the doctor says it’s normal: the Higgs boson.

So the newspapers are rather filled with the “Higgs boson” sub-atomic particle now happily discovered. Whilst this is certainly good news from a scientific point of view, I cannot see how it will convert a single atheist.

In the end, one does not need the discovery of the Higgs boson to reflect that God is truly, truly great. Countless generations before us have looked at the firmament and reached the same conclusion, and I am sure none of those sensible men and women ever thought, by seeing such spectacle, “I will believe that there is a God only when the Higgs boson is discovered”.

More to the point, countless generations before us have believed in God because they believe in Jesus’ message, and have therefore worked towards, and been graced with, the “evidence of things not seen” without which there is, I would dare to say, hope more than faith.

Faithful know. They do not need the Higgs boson to do so. Those who do not believe do not know, and I very much doubt they will not persuade themselves the Higgs boson has  “created itself” like all the rest, from nothing. Beside Christ’s message, even ex nihilo nihil means nothing to them, because it does not match with their own delusion.

Once again, great as the day might have been for physicists ( and by reflex for all humanity, and bla, bla; I think humanity needs more Christian influence, not the Higgs boson) it is in my eyes rather irrelevant for both the faithful, and the atheists. Which is good, because   the way I see it the who essence of the faith reposes in the fact that we are requested to believe without having seen.

Kudos to the scientists then, but don’t get too excited: the wave of conversion will not come.


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