Curiously, the Abbe’ de Nantes never accused him of heresy: Pope St. Pius V.

From a sedevacantist site (I do not go there first; google leads me there) a rather funny (if, in the end, serious) list of excuses for the Pontiff’s appointment of Archbishop Mueller, which I give below to you with few modifications:
  • Benedict is surrounded by wolves – he’s an innocent lamb fearing for his life
  • Benedict is a victim of “The Vatican” – he can only appoint whom the Vatican bureaucrats tell him to appoint – he has no real authority
  • Benedict is going senile or off his meds
  • Benedict is weak and can’t resist the peer pressure
  • Benedict is in a liberal dream – we need to pray for him to wake up
  • Benedict doesn’t know Mueller is a heretic – how could he possibly be expected to ensure the man he appoints as watchdog of orthodoxy is orthodox himself?!
  • It’s all a big mystery – no one knows what any of this means
  • Who are you to accuse someone of heresy?
  • Just because Mueller is a heretic doesn’t mean we can know he’s a heretic
  • Just because Mueller makes heretical statements doesn’t mean he actually believes what he says
  • Mueller isn’t a heretic until Benedict says he is one — and since Benedict will never do that, Mueller can never become a heretic
  • Mueller isn’t a heretic – he’s just way smarter than all you simpletons put together.

I am no sedevacantist, and can therefore not accept the Pope be no Pope just because he makes mistakes, and at times serious ones. Many Popes before him have done, many will do. My duty as a Catholic is to bear all this with patience, do what I can to react against it, and hope that the day I die this will be counted in my favour.

But there is no denying the shocking amount of denial going on particularly among the laity. Religious know a Pope can even have heretic opinions (and reputed theologians think some did), he will merely not proclaim them in a dogmatic way. Many among the laity, on the other hand, seem to think that if the Pope were wrong then Catholicism would be wrong, and must therefore try to find any kind of excuse  to explain how what is wrong is, in the end, right.

If you ask me this is not even clericalism anymore, but simple papolatry.


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