Wimbledon And The Faith

The (long) moment.


Everytime I see players like Sharapova demonstratively wearing a cross whilst playing ( I can’t imagine this is a coincidence) I wonder how long will it be before some politically correct moron will decide that they are not allowed to do it anymore. Perhaps when some  pervert (not interested in Sharapova anyway) will say that he feels bullied and discriminated at her cross?


After his beautiful victory against Tsonga this afternoon, Murray looks for a long time, devoutly, to heaven, and his lips move in an inaudible, but clearly purposeful way. A beautiful moment, rightfully caught by the cameramen (who might be scolded tomorrow, but this is another story…).

Ten to one that he was praying. Not a fast, “casual prayer”, but a deliberate, deeply felt one.

Asked, some minutes later, what he was doing, he said that it was something he prefers not to talk about.

His choice, of course, and perhaps a way to keep his intimate moment with Heaven more intimate. But I remained with the uncomfortable impression he considered – or was told by his managers and PR people – that to show Christian feelings in public is not so good, and might lead to trouble.

It would have been so beautiful if he had said, in front of millions of people, that he was praying. There’s nothing shameful in praying in public, and until the PC freaks get their way it is even legal.



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  1. Mundabor…..seems like it does not matter WHAT the Conservative, Pro-Life Christians of Tennessee do as the Communist U.S. Government just does what they want no matter who we vote! REad what happened that just negated our vote…
    BY Ben Johnson

    WEST MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, July 5, 2012, (LifeSiteNews.com) – Months after
    Tennessee state and local officials chose to defund Planned Parenthood, the
    Obama administration has directly awarded the abortion provider a federal
    contract restoring some of the lost funds.

    The administration has awarded Planned Parenthood in Memphis with $400,000
    in Title X family planning funds.

    The state’s legislature and Republican governor, Bill Haslam, took pains
    to transfer family planning dollars from facilities that perform abortions
    to other local hospitals and health centers. Local officials also opted to
    prioritize those who had not performed a procedure many of the state’s
    residents find morally objectionable.

    Last November, Shelby County became the last county in the state to strip
    the abortion industry of taxpayer largesse after awarding Planned
    Parenthood’s grant to Christ Community Health Services (CCHS).

    The federal grant represented little more than half the usual
    taxpayer-funded tab, which totaled $727,000 last year, according to Brian
    Harris, president of Tennessee Right to Life.

    The Obama administration made a similar move in a different state last
    September, directly funding Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire to the tune
    of $1 million after legislators defunded the abortion giant.

    Click “like” if you want to end abortion!

    “This end run around the people of Tennessee will serve to underscore the
    urgent need to elect a pro-life president, Senate and Congress in
    November,” said Harris.

    The federal grant was announced by Rep. Steven Cohen, D-TN, who said Planned
    Parenthood has been helping young women “lead happier, healthier lives for

    Rep. Cohen once equated those who campaigned against the president’s
    health care bill with Nazis repeating “a Big Lie just like Goebbels.”

    Harris expressed disappointment and hope at the announcement. “We’ve
    done good work here in Tennessee electing pro-life majorities to the
    Legislature and Congress,” he said. “But all of that can apparently be
    undone by a single official unless we have a pro-life president and a
    pro-life senate solidly committed to defending the weakest and most
    vulnerable of all.”


    • One really thinks Obama might be the Anti-Christ. He thinks he is messianic enough, at any rate.

      If you don’t get rid of him in November, you’ll end up paying a very high price.


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