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 The dogma which teaches that the Blessed Mother of Jesus Christ was a virgin before, during, and after the conception and birth of herDivine Son.


The virginity of our Blessed Lady was defined under anathema in the third canon of the Lateran Council held in the time of Pope Martin I, A.D. 649.


The perpetual virginity of our Blessed Lady was taught and proposed to our belief not merely by the councils and creeds, but also by the early Fathers. The words of the prophet Isaias (vii, 14) are understood in this sense by

St. Jerome devotes his entire treatise against Helvidius to the perpetual virginity of Our Blessed Lady (see especially nos. 4, 13, 18).

The contrary doctrine is called:

  • “madness and blasphemy” by Gennadius (De dogm. eccl., lxix),
  • “madness” by Origen (in Luc., h, vii),
  • “sacrilege” by St. Ambrose (De instit. virg., V, xxxv),
  • “impiety and smacking of atheism” by Philostorgius (VI, 2),
  • “perfidy” by St. Bede (hom. v, and xxii),
  • “full of blasphemies” by the author of Prædestin. (i, 84),
  • “perfidy of the Jews” by Pope Siricius (ep. ix, 3),
  • “heresy” by St. Augustine (De Hær. h., lvi).

St. Epiphanius probably excels all others in his invectives against the opponents of Our Lady’s virginity (Hær., lxxviii, 1, 11, 23).

There’s a lot to click about, but most importantly there’s a lot to be ashamed of.


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  1. If this, together with the Real Presence of Our Blessed Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament (of all Sacraments) of the Altar, is now disbelieved, doubted, contested, disputed or denied it is the fault and responsibility of the likes of the present occupant of the papal throne who appoints indifferentist and syncretistic material heretics to residentiary, primatial sees such as Westminster and knowingly appoints a self-advertising and self inculpating heretic to the task of safeguarding the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Kyrie eleison.

    • Very well said, John.

      Also, the appointment of Mueller is not an isolated mistake, but it follows a pattern: Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols, whom you have mentioned, is a point in case.


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