Pius XII: Yad Vashem Admits It Was Wrong. In Instalments.

It’s time to wake up for those in charge of the Yad Vashem

It is very embarrassing to say “we got it so wrong we should all resign and apply for a job at McDonald’s”. Particularly when the people in question lead the Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum visited by people from all over the world.

Therefore – and in order to avoid having to resign – the responsible for the museum have decided to back pedal a bit at a time, in order to look less ideologised, blind and stupid when the time comes to say “erm, aah, well, actually….”.

For the moment they limit themselves to show the arguments of the thinking minds together with those of the liberals; but frankly, everyone knows the game is up.

McDonald’s awaits. Perfectly honourable profession. Much better than working at the denigration of such an excellent man, one of the key people in the XX century, and one who saved the backside of so many Jews they could fill the entire Gaza strip with them.

Time to wake up, boys and girls.



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  1. Quite right…it is truly shameful… and even when they do have the balls and the honour to fess up ignorantly or deliberately to have lied over the past 60 years and more the damage will have been done and will remain, in earthly terms, at least. Without Pius XII’s direct orders, many thousands of Italian Jews would not have been hidden and would not have survived WWII. Ecce sacerdos magnus

  2. Even looking at Pius XII’s picture makes me feel nostalgic. The Church was in such order under his watch. Everything disintegrated a few years after his death.

    PIUS XII – You are deeply missed.

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