SSPX General Chapter Is Underway

Not one for cheap tricks: Pope St. Pius X

I’d love to be a fly in the meeting room of the SSPX General Chapter, now underway.

From what I understand, the main arguments will be three:

1. A decision concerning the latest Vatican version of the preambolo dottrinale.

2. A discussion about the opportunity of going into this last phase of negotiation with the Vatican, and

3. Perhaps, a more or less open personal criticism of Bishop Fellay and his leadership style.

As to 1., it seems clear to me the SSPX will reject the text proposed by the Vatican.  Whilst we do not know the wording, we know that: a) the last version presented by the SSPX, which had the unofficial blessing of the Holy Father, has been changed again, and b) Bishop Fellay has already said the latest version is not acceptable.

Beside the discussion about the wording of the preambolo, the matter of the concrete way of working of the SSPX will certainly play a role. After the latest weeks, not even Laurel and Hardy would believe in the sincere intention of the Pope or the Vatican apparatus to reconcile themselves with the SSPX because they understand the SSPX is as Catholic as any of them (and I am being generous…).

Therefore, any agreement will have to be waterproofed not only concerning the SSPX relationship with the mistakes of V II and the following years, but also against any attempt to assimilate the SSPX and pollute it with a V II ideology. That will be an interesting discussion indeed, and I can easily forecast the utter rejection – though perhaps not officially stated for obvious reasons – of every agreement subjecting the local structures of the SSPX to any influence whatsoever from the local bishop, let alone from a talking ass like the Archbishop Mueller.

As to 2. I can see a charge of the hard-line brigade, accusing Fellay of having leaned too much out of the window, and having been conned into believing an agreement on the text was reached before the Vatican back pedaled again. In my eyes, the Bishop has the excellent defence than one tends to believe that the Pope’s word has some value until the contrary is proved, and that one should not be blamed for honestly trying to see whether a reconciliation is possible, however untrustworthy the people on the other side should prove afterwards. But this should make for a highly entertaining discussion, too.

Thirdly, it appears some – a minority – of the SSPX priests will push their criticism to the point of asking Bishop Fellay to go. I doubt the latter will comply with their wishes, and it would appear he has – besides being elected for further six years – around two thirds of the Society firmly on his side. It will be interesting, though, to see how this pans out, because if a strong minority harshly criticises Fellay this might have as a result a certain “hardening” of his line toward the Vatican.

Lastly, I do not think there will be any meaningful defection in any way, and now many weeks after the leak of the internal “three bishops’ letter” I have not read a single threat, overt or covert, of secession.

The Vatican is clearly playing the old divide et impera game, alternating phases in which the agreement is made to believe to be imminent and others of more rigid attitude, thus maximising the potential for conflict and recrimination within the Society.

Unfortunately for the Pope, the SSPX appears to be a bit more solid – both politically, and morally – than the corrupt and miserably led bunch he has chosen to trigger the tragic meltdown of his pontificate. His trick of trying to divide the SSPX under the disguise of the “dying Pope who would oh so much want to see the SSPX reconciled before he dies” will, I am afraid, not impress many in Econe.   The Pope has already abundantly showed how much he wants to see the SSPX reconciled (to heterodoxy perhaps; certainly not to Catholicism, which the Society already is), and what kind of Church he is preparing for his successor.

Let us support the SSPX members with our prayer, that they may avoid the snares of the Vatican and agree to a solution allowing them to continue their wonderful work without restraints, or to no solution at all.

Still, don’t worry: the SSPX will be around, rich and strong, long after the Pope’s departure.


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  1. Those at the Chapter with eyes to see an ears to hear – or should we rather say to look and to listen – know that Bishop Fellay is flawed and damaged goods. He will not be able safely to lead the SSPX to better days and the junta he has around him does not work to the advantage of either the Church or the SSPX, Sooner or later will come the questions about his association with his ‘financial advisor’ and the set up he has entered into in continuity to control the SSPX’s funds and property. Quite what they have been up to in financial terms scarcely anyone knows outside that less than holy trio at Menzingen. I am reasonably sure that less than 50% of the priests trust him, now, I think he and his two henchmen should offer their resignations and step aside but Bishop Fellay is power-drunk and the other two are so tainted that they have to encourage him to hold tight. Bishop Fellay was ready to sell out the heritage left by Archbishop Lefebvre for a mess of Modernist potage. It is OUR heritage, not the property of Bernard Fellay to dispose of as he and his cronies desire. We, Catholics, have been well and truly shafted by arrogant, mendacious Priests, Bishops and Popes since the 1960’s. The Clergy, for the most part, depend upon us for bed and board and Father does very well on our beneficence. Secrecy for the sake of it or as part of further amassing and consolidating power at our expense will no longer wash and the sooner Bishop Fellay gets that truth into his arrogant head the better off he will be – the man is a winsome pedlar of dreams and will sell us a pig in a poke if it suits his purpose.

    I do not love thee, Dr Fell(ay), the reason why I cannot tell
    but this, alone, I know full well, I do not love thee, Dr Fell(ay)

    There is something devious and lacking in frankness about this man – something of the night, as Miss Widdecombe ventured to say about Michael Howard – something louche.
    He wants to be all things to all men – but why? The why is all important and it is not at all clear to me, Now he can ‘excommunicate’ me, as he has in his folly and arrogance done to so many others, the loon that he is. The man is unsuited to his position and the SSPX will regret ever having elected him as, I am sure, Archbishop Lefebvre regrets having ordained him and others to the Priesthood.

  2. Mundabor, I don’t post often out of a lack of interest. It’s because you say things so well that there’s little left to add.


  3. We have prayed that the General Chapter brings a new unity of purpose to the SSPX. The endless calumnies against its elected superior have to stop.

  4. Well said, perfect control over what you have written – that is what is needed, to to hard, but in control of your emotions.

    • Thanks Stephen,

      I doubt I am in control of my emotions, but I certainly try to do my best…

      If I were to say openly what I think, my words would not be fit for publishing…


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