Voris, Love, Hate

With this video, Michael Voris reaches a new height of political incorrectness. What is more surprising, he quotes from the great, Venerable  Fulton Sheen to explain his argument.

This video must be a consolation to all those among you who, when they talk about religious issues with friends or family, are called “hateful”. I personally always thank when people call me “intolerant”, but perhaps I should start thanking them when they call me “hateful”, too?

Be it as it may, of one thing I can bear testimony: those who react to every complaint about how our Christian values are going to the dogs with vague platitudes about the necessity to show how joyful we are, be understanding of every perversion, and inclusive of every scum, do not care two straws for the values they are supposed to protect.

A post – very recently published – about Padre Pio also brings this point home: this was a man unable to keep his calm – better: to refrain from explosions of anger – when either communism or homosexuality were touched.

But what a great saint he was.

Truly:  if you love, you hate.


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  1. You hit the nail on the head with such accuracy it’s uncanny. I’m sick of ‘tolerant’, self-styled ‘charitable’ vegetables who are too lazy to get angry about anything.

    Hey for Saint Thomas More who was exquisitely rude about Luther, and for Saint Nicholas who gave Arius a well-deserved smack in the teeth!

    God bless!

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