Three Cheers For Cardinal Bagnasco


Apparently, an authentically charitable Cardinal: Angelo Bagnasco.


I hope that my regular readers approve my stance, but there is no doubting in the general corruption of everything Catholic these days the comparison – often read on these columns; very rarely elsewhere – of sodomy with abominations like zoophilia, incest and pedophilia tends to “offend” the more sensitive natures; either because they are poorly instructed and polluted by the politically correct climate of our time, or because they simply want to feel “good” and “sensitive”, which has in itself become the new religion of the shallow and the outright stupid.

It might, therefore, be of some use in your discussions with friends, relatives and perhaps even colleagues of yours – as long as this does not imperil your job, of course, which I would not find very prudent – to know about this nice statement:

“Why say ‘no’ to forms of legally recognised co-habitation which create alternatives to the family? Why say ‘no’ to incest? Why say ‘no’ to the paedophile party in Holland?”

Please read it again and notice the – if I may be so bold – Mundaborian brutality of such an utterance. This must be some SSPX religious like Bishop Williamson, surely?

Well, erm, not quite. This most orthodox Catholic reflection – and most charitable one – comes from none else than the Number one of the Italian bishop, the present head of the Italian Bishops’ Conference, Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco.

I do not know the details of Bagnasco’s Vatican activity, and do not know what sins of neo-modernism and V II-ism he is answerable for.  But I would say there is some reason to hope they will not be many, and not so terribly grave.

Be it as it may, as an Italian living in Albion I cannot avoid noticing the difference with our coward in chief, Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols (no, no link: use the search function on the right hand column and you’ll find more than you wished for…).

I can also scarcely imagine this Cardinal abandoning himself to senseless modernist blabber about Mary Ever-Virgin, or about the new mantra of Archbishop Mueller, Extra Ecclesiam Omnia Salus.

I wanted to mention this episode to you, as our natural – and right – focus on what is wrong with today’s Church should not let us forget that here and there there are still people able to – more or less occasionally; some of them regularly, like Cardinal Burke – upheld Catholic values even ehn – and particularly when – unpopular, rather than prostituting Catholic doctrine to the need for popularity and Kirchensteuer  revenue like this tool here.

As they say in Italy, even in a lake of mud* you can find the occasional water-lily. Cardinal Burke and, hopefully, Cardinal Bagnasco are two of them.

Let us not be too despondent, or pessimistic about the future.

Dio vede e provvede.


* “mud” is the word I chose with regard to the sensitive among you. You generally hear a different one….

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  1. Please do not get all ‘novus-ordo-sensitive’, Mundabor, even if it is in the hope of sparing the blushes of the delicate. If the Lord lifts the poor man ‘de stercore’ then why not a little good, old fashioned English or Italian?

    • John,

      I begin to think we differ in that I do think that there is some good – though one has to look – in the Vatican, and some honest man of God.

      Feel free to disagree of course, but consider that if not even Fellay satisfies you, you must be somewhat hard to please.

      The delicacy was, of course, half tongue in cheek; a bit like you when you write “de stercore”…


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