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A Chart That Says It All

Any question?

What you see above is a chart explaining to the thickest liberal mind what happens when Catholicism is taken seriously.

Whilst the Vatican suffers an unprecedented vocation crisis (with some notable improvement in the last ten years; again because very slowly soberness is being regained), the SSPX grows like it’s the US debt under Hussein Obama.

I do not need to tell you such – I think I can say – savage growth can only be fuelled by an uninterrupted flow of donations, a front on which the SSPX seems not to have any major problem. This,  without the need to tamper with Catholic dogma or to go frontally against Church teaching as this chap and this chap do in order to save their Kirchensteuer money.

The liberal thickheads do not want to get that the V II “experiment” has been an utter catastrophe, because they do not want to admit their entire lives has been a contribution to this catastrophe. It is as if Brezhnev had admitted Communism never worked, and never could work. Not going to happen, I am afraid, and we’ll have to wait for the advent of the next generation of prelates, who will be rightly embarrassed at what their predecessors have done and will, hopefully, set things right rather fast.

In the meantime, we have a situation in which most Catholics in the West do not even know the very bases of Catholicism (or of Christianity, comes to that) and are “Catholics” merely because their parents baptised them out of habit or to please their grandparents, with the following generation now often dispensing even with their children’s baptism.

Still, the Vatican is… preparing to celebrate the anniversary of the start of Vatican II. Again, this is sheer Politburo-thinking.

Truly, the Church must be supported by the Holy Ghost, or with 50 years of such brilliant and inspired leadership she would have destroyed herself already.


SSPX Press Release, 14 July

Straight from the SSPX Press Agency, the press release of the SSPX about the General Chapter now ended.

The content is as follows:

1. There are no open divisions.

2. There will be a response to the Vatican, which will be made public.

I dare to think there will be a polite rejection coupled with an offer of further talks with the Vatican, in the hope they are serious.

Which they aren’t.


Sisters, Cardinals, Clericalism.

We need many more like her: Sister Mary Rose Reddy

You can read here a rather impressive reaction to the “Magisterium of nuns” from….a nun.

Sister Mary Rose Reddy’s core message is short, but devastating.

We, the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Healing Love (along with hundreds and probably thousands of other women religious), do not feel at all represented by the LCWR.  We consider that the vocation of women religious is to personify the Church as Bride.  The Bride is submissive to Christ, the Head (as particularly represented by the Pope and the magisterium).  Through this powerful charism of submissive obedience, entrusted particularly to women religious in imitation of the exalted Mother of God, the life of Christ is brought to birth and nurtured in multitudes of hearts.

It is very good that a religious sister loyal to the Magisterium dares to openly speak against the LCWR. It is a great pity it does not happen more often.

Unfortunately, it seems to me among the religious there is too much of a mentality according to which you do not react when a colleague of yours talks nonsense, because it would be perceived to be “uncharitable” or “divisive”.

As I see it, the divisive (and even more so: uncharitable) behaviour is the one of those who reach the general public with their heterodox or outright heretical ideas, not the rightful and obligatory reaction of those who try to set things right.

If every outing of the rabid feminist wannabe “nuns” were met with a massive barrage from their sisters loyal to the Magisterium, sooner or later even the liberal press would have to take account of this fact, and much of the conservative media would grab the opportunity very soon. As it is, I doubt the occasional affirmation of Catholic truth will get a wider audience than the usual circle of Catholic press agencies, magazines and blogs.

It is nothing less than astonishing to me that so many decades after Dr Goebbels, so many people within the Catholic world do not get the power of the media.  I mean by this that whilst they know in a generic, abstract sort of way that media influence people, they do not act according to this belief. This, of course, when they are not doing the work of the devil in the first place.

Cardinal Woelki equates homosexual and heterosexual relationships (I have written about this satanic man; but the link has a full translation in English of what I had read in German). I understand that these days you do not call him to Rome to get a trial and be, in case, publicly barbecued by the civil authorities.  But if a half-dozen colleagues of his would reach out to the public and forcefully repeat the Catholic message about perverted thinking they “love” each other, this message would get through very rapidly.

Unfortunately, this is not happening; no doubt, because no Cardinal wants to be seen – irrespective of what he thinks of Woelki; which in many cases must be not better than I do – as criticising a colleague; in the end, he has been chosen from the Pope, right?

This is just another example of how the modern Church fails the faithful: the Pope does nothing because nowadays it is fashionable for a Pope to tolerate pretty much everything; and the lower – but still very high – echelons do nothing because they do not want to be perceived as uncharitable, divisive, or indirectly critical of the Pontiff.

If you ask me, this is an explosive mixture of heterodoxy, weakness and clericalism, all of them clearly present in the modern Church.

Let us hope the next pontificate (I have lost every trust in Paul VII) will start the clean-up operations.


“Men Talking Like Men”: Michael Voris On The Council Of Trent

Michael Voris is on fire. You don’t even know what to quote, so full this short video is of impressive, pithy statements.

Voris is very good, but the air of Trent seems to make him even better.

Enjoy the video.


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Rorate Caeli has a very timely excerpt from Casti Connubii.

This great Pope was not one to mince words, not even in official documents. It is interesting to read today what he wrote not one century ago, and wonder how progressive priests would see a priest who would dare to use the sam e words today. But again old priests believes in Jesus, and many modern bishops don’t.

[S]ince, in order that the deceits of the enemy may be avoided, it is necessary first of all that they be laid bare; since much is to be gained by denouncing these fallacies for the sake of the unwary, even though We prefer not to name these iniquities “as becometh saints,” yet for the welfare of souls We cannot remain altogether silent.

Look, he says, there comes a point when one has to speak, and to speak plainly. If we…

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