Mother Kills Her Baby, Considers Prayers For Her “Threatening”

Dreaming of Feminazis: Himmler and Hitler.

You couldn’t make this up. 

A young Feminazi mother has the satanic idea of posting on the Internet material (allegedly) concerning the murder of her own baby.

The horror finds an echo on pro-life sites, and as a result the young she-Himmler starts to receive emails of various kind; many of them, no doubt, explaining to her in detail what kind of  person she is, and whereto she is headed. These she calls “hate mails” and up to here, we can call this ordinary liberal madness.

Where the liberal madness becomes extraordinary is in the following affirmation of the young Nazi murderer, here given in the context of the interview. Emphases mine:

She noted the content of numerous “hate” e-mails was some variant of the message: “Maybe you do not know God or that abortion is a sin? Praying for you!”

Even hearing that someone is ‘praying for me,’ in this context, feels demeaning and threatening. There’s already plenty of hatred and fear-mongering out there for people to encounter,” she said.

Let me sum this up for you: the woman kills her own baby, but considers it threatening if someone prays for her. She murders her child and doesn’t consider this “hatred”, but the prayers for her soul. 

If such phrases had been put in mockumentary about Nazi leaders, they would have been considered ineffective, because too stupid to be believable. Still, in the context of Feminazism they appear perfectly trustworthy.

Seriously, Hitler and Himmler couldn’t hold a candle to these people.

I will be praying for the homicidal Feminazi nevertheless. Her being murderous does not exempt me from praying for her, nor her from receiving my prayers.

Actually, the circumstances make the need for prayer more pressing.


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  1. Two possibilities: one , which would give more rational reason to hope (tho pray and hope against all rational expectance must we always)-it may be that unlike what Ive heard of countries dehumanized into no feelings at all by three generations of bolshevist atheism, this unhappy woman still had some feeling left,
    Or worse, two, its a rational exercise of geeting worked up into artificial indignation as a part of the ongoing campaign to justify driving the church from the public sphere in the whole of western christendom.
    Gosh the amount of praying and reparation masses and fasting etc we have to do!

    • I am astonished at your goodness, Pepe…

      she posts about her own abortion on the internet (even makes a site for it; of course, I haven’t repeated the link here) and you can still find in her “some feeling left”? I admire your goodness…

      But of course we must pray. I am sure Pope Pius XII prayed for Hitler, so we must pray for his spiritual children…


  2. Reblogged this on De Profundis Clamavi ad Te, Domine and commented:
    The world can’t be upside down forever? Where will people go when they get sick of having their hand held while they kill themselves? Probably not to the people who were holding their hands or doing something other than vigorously warning them.

  3. I f there is any goodness, it’s not mine but His who pardoned Dismas, who I expect was an unlamented scumbag, at the very last moment.
    We are not told what happened to t’other, who hardened his heart and mocked….
    Why at the consecration is our Lord’s death on the cross proclaimed for the many’s salvation, when it COULD save all? – I heard it(sermon) put as some will (future)not be saved because they will (freely wish with deliberate heart-hardening) not to be saved.
    Pray we must. The Fatima children were shown souls in eternal torment in hell not for us to overdwell on but because our age was to lose so much faith, lest, having fallen, we should heedlessly compound our wickedness and not repent and make ouselves unsavable,, we have to transmit that part too to a Godless world, which does not want to hear it.

  4. I am desperately trying to show ‘caritas’ here, is this lady well? I know in today’s two-faced atheist morality, cold-blooded murder is quite acceptable, provided you murder the most innocent and blameless of mankind, but to post pictures of the murder of your own son or daughter – I looked at some of these images via the pro-life times, which showed some of the less gruesome, and I regret doing it. They are sickening, you would have to either be mad, or have lost all traces of emotion at all. Regardless of what she says, I will pray for her, try, if she is unrepentant, to gain reparation and forgiveness for her sins.

    • Evil can be very lucid, duns, even if to us it looks like total madness. I don;t believe in the “Hitler was mad” mantra. Hitler was an extremely intelligent and efficient man!

      What he also was is: evil!


  5. Yes, Mundabor, when I think about it, you are quite right. Insanity can be used to excuse what is simply wickedness, as you say, evil is very lucid and this woman’s actions are exactly that, evil. I will, of course, still pray for her, as our Lord offers a chance of repentance to even the most hardened and wicked sinners.

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