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Pro-Life “Four Brothers”: JTM Food Group

Life sells!

This is to pay tribute to a not-so-small company which has been proudly displaying the strong pro-life convictions of its owners for… the last 15 years; and has been prospering whilst doing it.

This is a family run operation owned by four brothers. The CEO is Mr Tony Maas, a chap with very clear ideas about life in general.

Maas says that JTM has never encountered a complaint about the unapologetically pro-life messages that have been on his semitrailers for 15 years.

“Quite frankly, we never get any bad calls. It’s all good.”

Maas said that his pro-life convictions were passed on to him from his “extremely Catholic” parents and grandparents who believed that with the passage of Roe v. Wade, there would be a need for “much prayer, not just for the babies, but for the mothers who were going to have abortions and for the grief that they would be experiencing.”

Maas explained that a culture of life is founded upon the principles that “God has made us”, that a man and a woman come together to form a “forever relationship in the sacrament of marriage” through which children are born, and that “strong families” are the building blocks of a flourishing society.

“Unfortunately our culture has countered these principles with the destruction of human life through abortion,” he said.

“A culture of life is about being obedient to God and his plan whereas a culture of death is about being disobedient to God and his plan.”

“There’s nothing more important in this world than trying to bring people to the truth, because there’s a lot of people living in misery because of ignorance.”

“It’s our responsibility to have our company honoring God with what we do, and to evangelize in the setting that he has given us.”

“To be honest with you, it’s good. It’s good business.”

Moral integrity, business sense, and an “extremely Catholic” background (we are not told whether the “four brothers” are all Catholic, but one can hope…)  obviously mix here to create a success now going through the third generation, and $100m turnover a year for a family business certainly witness the soundness of the business model.

Compare with the like of Starbucks, peddling their ideology (and, hopefully, coffee with it) to a tiny minority of perverts and a less tiny minority of degenerate urban cretins: a strategy which has already started to hurt, and will hurt more in the years to come.

Conclusion: pro-life works in business, too, whilst support for perversion damages business, too.  I can easily predict that in five or ten years’ time Starbucks will try to let their customers forget their “message” with the same zeal with which Marks & Spencer backpedaled on what must have been the most cretinous campaign of the century: the “Plan A” to “save the planet”, (and I quote) “because  there is no plan B”.


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