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“Guilty As Charged”: Chick-fil-A Stand On Christian Values.

They won’t chicken out in front of the atheist attack: Chick-fil-A

After the business I have presented to you yesterday, today I read about another – even bigger – business openly admitting it operates according  to Christian values. 

Whilst my envy as a European grows, this might be the slow beginning of a wider movement by which more and more companies understand that sincerely felt – and therefore credible – Christian values are a good business proposition. 

As the battle against sodomy and euthanasia goes on, it is not difficult to imagine that more and more people will feel naturally inclined to spend more on products and services provided by companies they know are on their own side. On the other side, a maximum of 1% of perverts and some die-hard liberal might do the same, but I think if we put the two sides one against the other there’s no battle at all.

Or you can put it in another way: companies like Chick-fil-A do not care two straws if they should lose some liberal clients, but companies like Starbucks might soon be terrified at the amount of money they see go to the competition.

Wishing those  “Christian businesses” (well, the article beautifully says there’s nothing like a “Christian business”, but it still gives the idea..) all success in the world.


Scotland Marching Towards Hell?

Farewell, then…

And so we are informed the referendum asked by Cardinal O’Brien on whether the Scots should institutionalisesodomy will not take place. Too much democracy, the Scottish MP must have thought. Democracy is good to pump money out of Westminster or procure jobs and privileges for themselves , but it can’t be allowed to interfere with the plans of the local political class, surely?

Granted, Scotland isn’t such a big affair in the great economy of things, and equates to roughly 1,5% of, say, the US population. One can safely say if the battles in front of us are won in the US, it won’t be long before Scotland also sees the light. Still, it grates me exceedingly that Scottish politicians, of whom so many always have the mouth so full of self-determination, should decide the Scots cannot determine for themselves on matters as this one.

Of course, the Scots as a whole aren’t much better than their elected politicians, as it must perforce happen in a democracy. Still, if they had been asked they would, as it appears increasingly more evident, not have allowed the legislation to pass.

Better introduce it against their will, then, whilst lulling them with populist ideas of independence. They certainly won’t stage any sort of democratic revolt for a matter like that, and the local political class will be able to court the 1% or less of the perverts without fearing much damage from the others. That’s how they think it’ll go, and notwithstanding the latest mini-delay (probably just a way to make absolutely sure this doesn’t become a boomerang; also note on the link the faggoty photo and faggoty bias of the “guardian”) this is very probably how it is going to be. Needless to say, homo-organisations salute the decision to NOT let the people have their say, so everything must be fine.

I have been for a long time a fervent supporter of Scotland’s independence, but now more than ever it is vital that they go their own way – or are kicked out if they don’t – and help England become more Conservative (both politically and socially) as a result (how many Tory constituency in Scotland, again?). If Scotland can’t be saved, there might be more chances to save the rest, mainly England.

On Scotland’s head be it, say I. Methinks, they’ll go along with their elected politicians without much fuss and, in time, who knows how many of them will go to hell. It will teach them to look on whilst their country is given to Satan and to consider such matters more or less  innocuous “social changes” not worthy of their attention.

Horrible accent, anyway.


Abiding Sorrow For Sin: A CTS Vintage Booklet

Abiding Sorrow For Sin: A CTS Vintage Booklet.

Nazis, Hamsters & Western Democracies

Kills little hamsters. But at least doesn’t call it “reproductive health”.

I have written some days ago about the astonishing Feminazi murdering her baby and (allegedly) documenting the feat on the internet (satanic, one can safely say. Thankfully, I have avoided clicking the site to make sure of this).

I would like today to spend a couple of words on a phrase reported in the article. Speaking of the Feminazi butcher, the author of the article wrote:

She noted the content of numerous “hate” e-mails was some variant of the message: “Maybe you do not know God or that abortion is a sin? Praying for you!”

I sincerely hope those who have written such rather sugary words were not Catholics. A Catholic who has been properly instructed – or has simply switched on his brains – knows that there is no way a mother can kill her baby and think it’s all right. What is she, a hamster? 

Hamsters have no soul and as such behave according to their instincts. But humans have a soul, and God has put into everyone of them a basic concept of what is wrong and what is right, in such a way that no excuses are possible. The idea that a mother could kill one’s own child without “knowing” this to be a sin is, in fact, so outlandish, so out of this world that only very few civilisations have coped with such practices, which are considered abominable by most souls – and when it happened, like in Sparta, I doubt the practice was welcomed by the mothers themselves -. Still, even thosepeople had to know that it is a sin, because God has written it in their heart, however much they decide to ignore it. It is called natural law, and every murderous abortionist ignores it at his own peril.

Strangely enough, no one ever asked Himmler: “you do not know God, or that the extermination of Jews is a sin?”

Abortion is a Holocaust of much, much vaster proportions, brought about by degenerated democracies in nothing short of the cruelty of Nazism. I know this is difficult to accept because our generation has been raised up in the cult of democracy, but the reality is under everyone’s eyes. Abortion, euthanasia, sodomy, we have a vast range of atrocities on the rise in a fairly efficient democratic environment.

Like Hamsters, democracies are killing their own little ones.

But the fact is, their voters aren’t hamsters, and will have to answer for what they do. 


Czech Republic: Massive Restitutions To Church In Sight

Charles Bridge, Prague



This is not completely dry as there will battle in the Senate, but the Low Chamber has approved a massive plan of restitution of Church property (plus property of other communities, I presume) and monetary compensation after the expropriations of the Communist era.

One must think that Eastern Europe is where the counter attack of Catholicism will begin – when the Vatican wakes up, obviously – as in countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and even Russia the Christian humus seems to be much more solid than even in the traditional Catholic countries like Italy, Spain (ha!), or Portugal.

The fact that the decision has been timed to coincide with a visit of the Czech Prime Minister to the Holy Father shows that in these countries to defend Christian – or, more specifically, Catholic – countries still pays from a purely political point of view, even if – sadly – Catholicism has been on a free fall for a long time over there (another miracle of V II, I suppose). Still, as long as there is a diffuse sense of Christian values, a determined leadership can do much in just a matter of decades. Provided, of course, they do not treat them with tambourine, felt banners and “social justice” activism.

Again, the cat is not yet in the sack (if Anglo-Saxon cats do not go into sacks, peace: Italian cats do…) and this might still be a very bumpy road. But even more than 20 years after the collapse of Communism there can be no mistaking the difference with the satiated, indifferent, stupid, perverted Western Europe.


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