Czech Republic: Massive Restitutions To Church In Sight

Charles Bridge, Prague



This is not completely dry as there will battle in the Senate, but the Low Chamber has approved a massive plan of restitution of Church property (plus property of other communities, I presume) and monetary compensation after the expropriations of the Communist era.

One must think that Eastern Europe is where the counter attack of Catholicism will begin – when the Vatican wakes up, obviously – as in countries like Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland and even Russia the Christian humus seems to be much more solid than even in the traditional Catholic countries like Italy, Spain (ha!), or Portugal.

The fact that the decision has been timed to coincide with a visit of the Czech Prime Minister to the Holy Father shows that in these countries to defend Christian – or, more specifically, Catholic – countries still pays from a purely political point of view, even if – sadly – Catholicism has been on a free fall for a long time over there (another miracle of V II, I suppose). Still, as long as there is a diffuse sense of Christian values, a determined leadership can do much in just a matter of decades. Provided, of course, they do not treat them with tambourine, felt banners and “social justice” activism.

Again, the cat is not yet in the sack (if Anglo-Saxon cats do not go into sacks, peace: Italian cats do…) and this might still be a very bumpy road. But even more than 20 years after the collapse of Communism there can be no mistaking the difference with the satiated, indifferent, stupid, perverted Western Europe.


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