“Guilty As Charged”: Chick-fil-A Stand On Christian Values.

They won’t chicken out in front of the atheist attack: Chick-fil-A

After the business I have presented to you yesterday, today I read about another – even bigger – business openly admitting it operates according  to Christian values. 

Whilst my envy as a European grows, this might be the slow beginning of a wider movement by which more and more companies understand that sincerely felt – and therefore credible – Christian values are a good business proposition. 

As the battle against sodomy and euthanasia goes on, it is not difficult to imagine that more and more people will feel naturally inclined to spend more on products and services provided by companies they know are on their own side. On the other side, a maximum of 1% of perverts and some die-hard liberal might do the same, but I think if we put the two sides one against the other there’s no battle at all.

Or you can put it in another way: companies like Chick-fil-A do not care two straws if they should lose some liberal clients, but companies like Starbucks might soon be terrified at the amount of money they see go to the competition.

Wishing those  “Christian businesses” (well, the article beautifully says there’s nothing like a “Christian business”, but it still gives the idea..) all success in the world.


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  1. Some local fudge packers wailed mightily when a Chick-fil-a opened nearby. Didn’t do much good.

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