Scotland Marching Towards Hell?

Farewell, then…

And so we are informed the referendum asked by Cardinal O’Brien on whether the Scots should institutionalisesodomy will not take place. Too much democracy, the Scottish MP must have thought. Democracy is good to pump money out of Westminster or procure jobs and privileges for themselves , but it can’t be allowed to interfere with the plans of the local political class, surely?

Granted, Scotland isn’t such a big affair in the great economy of things, and equates to roughly 1,5% of, say, the US population. One can safely say if the battles in front of us are won in the US, it won’t be long before Scotland also sees the light. Still, it grates me exceedingly that Scottish politicians, of whom so many always have the mouth so full of self-determination, should decide the Scots cannot determine for themselves on matters as this one.

Of course, the Scots as a whole aren’t much better than their elected politicians, as it must perforce happen in a democracy. Still, if they had been asked they would, as it appears increasingly more evident, not have allowed the legislation to pass.

Better introduce it against their will, then, whilst lulling them with populist ideas of independence. They certainly won’t stage any sort of democratic revolt for a matter like that, and the local political class will be able to court the 1% or less of the perverts without fearing much damage from the others. That’s how they think it’ll go, and notwithstanding the latest mini-delay (probably just a way to make absolutely sure this doesn’t become a boomerang; also note on the link the faggoty photo and faggoty bias of the “guardian”) this is very probably how it is going to be. Needless to say, homo-organisations salute the decision to NOT let the people have their say, so everything must be fine.

I have been for a long time a fervent supporter of Scotland’s independence, but now more than ever it is vital that they go their own way – or are kicked out if they don’t – and help England become more Conservative (both politically and socially) as a result (how many Tory constituency in Scotland, again?). If Scotland can’t be saved, there might be more chances to save the rest, mainly England.

On Scotland’s head be it, say I. Methinks, they’ll go along with their elected politicians without much fuss and, in time, who knows how many of them will go to hell. It will teach them to look on whilst their country is given to Satan and to consider such matters more or less  innocuous “social changes” not worthy of their attention.

Horrible accent, anyway.


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  1. As a Scot myself, I think, Mundabor, you go a little too far. Not all Scots are as bad as you suggest – I am utterly horrified at the slide my homeland is undergoing, and I know the Church in Scotland is in dire straits, but is it utterly impossible to save Scotland? I will pray to Saint Andrew.

    • The way I put that was a little insulting – just to say that, despite our awful politicians (the sooner that obnoxious little man, the First Minister, resigns the better) as aScot, I dread being sundered from England, as it means political Communism and modernism quite literally rampant and rampant ‘liberalism’ in the Church, I hope over 1000 years of Catholicism in one way or another (and a refreshing SSPX presence) does not make Scotland quite so bad as you fear.

    • It was not insulting at all, Duns; the little man is voted by an awful lot of Scots, and they vote him because they buy the rubbish he peddles to him. Good riddance, say I.


    • Well Duns, we shall see!

      Up to now I fail to see the kind of reaction there has been even in heathenish England; and whilst in England Conservative forces have – for now – stopped the movement, and the so-called Church of England has promised war to every future government willing to introduce homo-marriages, in Scotland you have none of these elements. If only a couple of Catholic prelates like O’Brien speak, you’re doomed to go the way of the Netherlands.

      I hope to be proved wrong of course; but I am not holding my breath.


  2. Which Scottish accent is so horrible? There are many to choose from, but Mundabor, you are not being fair about this (and I’m a Scot who normally speaks received standard English).

    • Hugo, I hate all Scottish accents so much (how can I recognise them? I am a foreigner! To me they all sound equally awful…) that I really hope a course in Received Pronunciation will be made compulsory in Purgatory… 😉


  3. Mundabor – I roared with laughter at that one! As another RP or ‘received standard English’ Scot, I agree that not all Scottish accents are, shall we say, the prettiest, but they’re not so bad, really…

    Going back to my post, I fear you may be right about us – the ‘Church’ of England, heretic as it is, is at least putting up a decent fight against the sin of Sodom and the English are as a rule more conservative (although you do have the inimitable Abp. Nichols! Oh, I do so hop you are wrong, – 1000 years of Catholicism. the ‘Old Alliance’ with France, the Elder Daughter of the Church, a great repository of monastic tradition, Bl. John Duns Scotus himself, perhaps the Church in Scotland can fight – but really, I can see what you are saying.
    Saint Andrew, pray for us!

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