Technical Note: The Comment Box

I notice with not-so-beautiful regularity that some people think the comment box is a place to launch themselves in dissertations or, at least, complex discussion going, to a more or less large (generally large) extent, beyond the subject matter of the post published.

Allow me to say once again that the comment box is there for… comments. A comment is, in my opinion, something reasonably short; otherwise it is not a comment, but the start of a parallel discussion.

Now, in a forum – generally maintained by a professionally run structure – one could do this kind of thing: I “attach” my 500-word reflection on a certain matter, and someone will pick it up.

Not here. This is a blog, run by one person. This person has limited time for comments, and wants to employ his time with his own topics, rather than other readers’.

If it were possible, I would set a limit to the length of comments, but as fas as I can see it isn’t.

Still, please do not abuse of the comment box, and use it for your – reasonably short – observations. I spend hours on this blog taken away from my free time, and at time from my sleep time. I want full control of everything that appears on this blog – this is not an exercise in democracy, but in orthodoxy as far as it is possible to my limited understanding – and therefore every unduly long message takes away time I want to use for other purposes.

Comments which are too long will, from now on, be cancelled without explanation.   I am sure at least those who have a blog will understand me, and I kindly ask the others to believe my motives on my word.


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