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Cosmopolitan And Other Rubbish

Ladies don’t read rubbish: Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett in “Pride and Prejudice”.

I must admit I cannot avoid smiling at those people – generally American; and more than generally Protestant – on record with saying what “the Lord started telling them”. In my eyes, one who says such things is either Padre Pio or a rather deluded person; but when this deluded person points out to a simple reality which can be verified by everyone able to read – and to think; which is more difficult, I start to notice -, then what she says is right even if she wraps it up in the Proddie “I, the buddy of the Lord”- propaganda.

In this instance, the issue is very simple: the magazine Cosmopolitan is a pornographic publication. Read the article and you’ll persuade yourself very easily.

This comes rather handy, because I had already thought about inflicting you a medium-lenght rant about the unspeakable rubbish that are the Londoner public-transport magazines like Metro and Evening Standard, crappy publications in which no day goes by without some reference to the “normality” of sodomy, or lesbianism. These newspapers are picked up by children who travel every day to go to school or move around, and can very easily – in the absence of guidance from home – unconsciously mold their young mind without them even noticing.

This is, in a way, even worse than Cosmopolitan, then if the latter is a clearly obscene publication, it does not  do anything to hide it – actually, they try to sell through it – whilst the rubbish a’ la Metro puts perversion in a dimension of total normality. You can also say that if the fifteen year old Cosmo reader has already made a choice – if a very childish one – that she wants to be a slut,  the eight year old child finding the Evening Standard on the seat hasn’t.

There should really be a bit more attention about this. The adult slut doesn’t need to see the cover of Cosmopolitan to know what rubbish is inside. Then she can as well have the magazine in a brown bag.


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Mundabor's Blog

I am more and more persuaded that if one wants to read contemporary sources of undoubted Catholic orthodoxy, the SSPX is the place where to look.

For this reason, whenever you think or suspect that something is not orthodox enough, or might be “nuChurch” under the appearance of orthodoxy, it is never wasted time to look what the SSPX says on the matter. These are people willing to be excommunicated to remain faithful to Truth, and there is no way they are going to compromise.

Let us take, for example, the “extra ecclesiam nulla salus” question – so often misused by misinformed – or disingenuous – Protestants to shoot at the Church and criticise her alleged lack of common sense – and let us see what Archbishop Lefebvre had to say on the matter.

From the “Open Letter to Confused Catholics”, available online in English from the SSPX Asia

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