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I gather from “Rorate Coeli” that in today’s Angelus the Holy Father announced that

on the 25th anniversary of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Assisi for the meeting of different religious leaders in 1986, he will visit Assisi in October 2011 for a meeting with “Christian brothers of the different confessions, leaders of the world’s religious traditions, and, ideally, all men of good will”.

My first observations, a caldo as we say – are as follows:

1) I wonder how long will it take before the Church stops repeating JP II’s mistakes, just because he made them. JP II’s “franchise” might still be strong, but whether it is useful to orthodox Catholicism is a different matter altogether. Methinks, it isn’t. Not in the least. The old Assisi gatherings were a goddamn disaster and a shame. They should be remembered only to be ashamed about them. For…

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  1. Why was the ‘deity’ of another ‘religion’ [or, let us be frank, a pagan idol] permitted to be raised up in the High Altar? It’s the Golden Calf all over again, blasphemy, an affront to the One God to show reverence to a false god. as well as heresy and I would argue apostasy of the first kind.

    • If you ask me, it is simply this:

      the golden calf of “peace” and “understanding” came before God, and this was shouted from the rooftops.

      Of course, it’s not that this made the Church more popular. Only more despised.


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