Does Archbishop Mueller Believe In Miracles?

On Catholic Church Conservation, the translation of a shocking article of the rather aggressive, but generally rather credible

I have read the German site and agree with the translation. It truly does make for a shocking reading and once again, a picture emerges more and more clearly of a man who wants to reduce Christianity to “normality”, so that his audience – which does not believe in the supernatural – may be satisfied. See his theory of  “Mary Ever-Virgin who in fact isn’t”. What I do not know, is whether Mueller’s words have been reported faithfully or have been perhaps – as people say in these cases – “taken out of context”.

But seriously: how often can a man be “taken out of context”? His observations about the Virginity of Mary “which is not virginity” are here repeated – mutatis mutandis – on other topics, in a Orwellian crescendo. What is slowly but surely emerging here – and, no doubt, will emerge more clearly in the months to come, as his books and interviews are critically examined – is the arrogant personality of a man deeply ignorant of his own faith, tragically unable to shut up in front of journalists and very much persuaded of his own infallibility, but promoted to an extremely important position because of his personal ties to the Pope.

Make no mistake, this is not going to end very soon: conservative Catholics are now going to dissect the fake theology of this tragic, but amusing figure and tear him into little pieces until he is either forced to go, or brings into utter disrepute not only himself, but the man who bears the responsibility for his appointment, so that only his death will – and so much appears clear already, that it will – free us from such a walking (and talking!) disgrace.

I had suggested not many weeks ago that the solution might be to send the man to a SSPX seminary in order to be properly instructed. I’d say the need is rather urgent.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.


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  1. Mundabor,
    having been in Müllers new position for many years and knowing his friend very well, the Pope is obviously aware of the modernist demythologising theology Müller believes in. As he has appointed him, this must be the kind of “Catholicism” that is to be restored by “conservatives” like Benedict XVI. It is, once again, the hermeneutics of reform. The revolution is not criticised for its direction but only for its speed. The rupture was forced too early. It shocked a lot of people what was done to their altars, to their churches and to their faith. But if we poison the Faith slowly, clever modernists have realised, all the while pretending to restore it to its former glory by “freeing” the traditional Mass, hardly anybody will notice and the revolution will be successful.

    It is devious but clever. And it has, humanly speaking, a very good chance to succeed. Of course, a remnant will remain, the Faith will be preserved even if those who do the preserving are called heretics and schismatics, and in the end the true Church will triumph. But until then, Müller is the guardian of what is popularly seen as Catholicism. And many conservative Catholics – just read Father Z and his hymns of praise for the Pope’s appointment – will not dissect Müller’s errors. They will attack traditionalists for their extremism, for their unwillingness to “obey” the Pope and so on. They will collaborate. Isn’t this what conservatives always do? Conserve the effects of liberals, modernists, progressives and other enemies of tradition?

    • You said very beautifully, Catocon, though in the case of Father Z I imagine there are hierarchical considerations we must consider (at least I do; feel free to disagree). In any case, I would prefer not to deal here of my differences with other bloggers other than by explaining in y blog how I think things stand.

      And again, I think things stand as you say: Pope Benedict is part of the problem, and whilst the extent of Mueller’s ignorance (or heresy) might not be known to him – it will soon be, anyway – there can be no doubt Mueller is a proposer of that direction the Pope himself wants.


  2. Mundabor,
    I did not cite Father Z’s reaction to the appointment in order to single him out for criticism. Of course there are hierarchical considerations to take into account. I do not blame him for his understandable tameness regarding Müller. The reasons are good and even honourable. But even if this is the case, the reaction of conservatives has been disappointing. Most of them have not tried to dissect his theology or point out his errors. And there are no indications Müller will be torn to pieces anytime soon. Quite the contrary, published conservative Catholic opinion has – at least to my knowledge – closed the ranks behind Benedict and Müller. And the same appears to be true of conservatives in the curia.

    As usual, the traditional societies in “full communion” have been silent, too. Other traditionalists (not yet silenced) are derided as schismatics – their opinions do not count. Who exactly will dissect the false theology of the official guardian of the faith? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The answer is clear: Nobody does. Müller will reign at least until the next conclave, and probably even under the next Pope. I cannot imagine a sensible Pope to emerge from the next conclave. Maybe it will be Müller himself. Or Schönborn. Or Joe Biden… 😉

    • We shall see, and let us hope the mainstream media awake at some point. As I understand these things, it will be time before the incompetence of the man filters through the traditional media, which are either too ignorant too notice (we would probably be shocked at how irrelevant the Perpetual Virginity of Mary is for people who are only tepidly Catholic’ or how few of them believe in miracles, perhaps even in Our Lord’s one) or too “loyal” to attack.

      But I think in times this will make itself noticed, as more and more blogs point out to it. You probably follow, and their readership is very big, I would say huge considering it is written in German. They’ll continue to hammer until the mainstream media take notice and whilst their, say, communication style will not make this an immediate process, I think in time it will become known.

      I’d also say the short-tempered character of Mueller will soon do the rest.

      But we shall see. Most of all we need a decent Pope, and who knows what will come out of a conclave appointed by the last two popes.


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