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PM Continues To Dig His Own Grave

Malcolm Tucker couldn’t believe his boss’ statement.

I begin to suspect the reason why the PM is generally considered somewhat intelligent is that he is too often compared with his nearest neighbours, his same-sex girlfriend (Clegg) and puppy-Chancellor (Osborne).

Still, taken in isolation this man makes more and more the impression of a man who would cause a fit of extremely vulgar hysterics in Malcolm Tucker if he did not happen to be, well, the PM himself.

Now, you must know the PM has just taken a sound thrashing in the matter of homo-marriage but, like Oliver Twist, keeps saying “I want more”. Some days ago (your humble correspondent did not report in detail) he expressed his wish for sodo-marriage in front of an audience of unrepentant perverts and, taking the part of said degenerates, accused the so-called church of England of “locking them out”.

Of course, this is delicate: the PM has been thrashed on sodo-marriage and knows that the country has seen it, so he wants to show he is still on his legs and very much in command. Therefore, he insists in a very stupid, populist defence of – how much? –  scarcely one percent of the population and their generally Lib-Dem or Labour voting friends, and throws an arrow or two against… the majority of his Christian voters. Well done, PM?

Erm, no. Not a good idea, it appears.

I wonder to what extent – and this links to the observations made at the beginning – the PM realises to what extent he is digging his own grave. The very moderate sympathies won towards a tiny minority or perverts and their friends – again, most of them reasonably not even thinking of ever voting Conservative, Cameron or no Cameron – was paid with the loss of an absolute majority in 2010, and continues to be paid with the continued deterioration of the Conservative – and Christian – deterioration of his own party, and a growing awareness among the Tory ranks that Cameron is their worst enemy.

No doubt, Cameron will continue to raise his voice at regular intervals, as he evidently considers it paramount to prove the thrashing he received from his MPs (make it two, with the Lords’ reform) hasn’t really hurt him much. But in doing so, he is simply helping them to realise they must get rid of him, as they realise more and more clearly his sound bites (like the favour for sodo-marriage because he “believes passionately in marriage”, which by the way gives you all the extent of the pervert idiocy of this man’s ideology) do not impress anyone.

I begin to wonder how many Tory MPs have already realised the folly of running with such a ridiculous tool in 2015, and apparently even some of his “cuties” start to rebel (again: see Lords’ reform). This shows the extent of the deterioration of the PM’s power base. What is certain, is that he is doing what he can to force them to open their eyes.

I can’t wait for the day. Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Huge Wrecking Ball Impacts HHS Mandate

The edifice is still in place of course, but this is a devastating blow.

In the words of the Alliance Defending Freedom:

Obamacare’s HHS Mandate that forces a Christian family to either comply with the mandate and violate their religion or forfeit their livelihood.  The Newlands operate their family-run HVAC equipment business, Hercules, Inc., according to their religious beliefs and object to the government forcing them to fund abortion inducing drugs, contraception and sterilization.  They were facing crippling fines of millions of dollars a year if they followed their conscience and not the government’s dictates.

The court granted an injunction and stopped the Mandate in its tracks while the lawsuit continues.  The court rightly held that the government failed to show that its goal of providing “health care” would somehow be thwarted by exempting the Newlands because it already exempts “191 million Americans” for various secular reasons.  It held that preventing the government from enforcing its regulation, “pales in comparison to the possible infringement upon Plaintiffs’ constitutional and statutory rights.”

Oddly, the government argued that the Newlands forfeited their constitutional rights when they started their family business.  But Christians or other people of faith do not lose their God-given right to religious freedom when they earn a living.  Fortunately, the court did not accept such an outrageous position.

It truly says it all.

This is just a step of course, but I wouldn’t bet my pint on Body Odour’s success on this.




President Adolf Hussein Great Joke Obama is on record with the following:

“Mr. Romney wants to get rid of funding for Planned Parenthood. I think that’s a bad idea,” Obama said. “I’ve got two daughters. I want them to control their own health care choices.”

How about teaching your daughters to control their legs, Mr. President?


Our Lady Of Quito – Our Lady Of Good Success

A double image of Our Lady Of Quito/ Our Lady Of Good Success.

This is not a scam in Medjugorje style, or a pious fantasy of old maids with an excitable fantasy.

This apparition took place at the beginning of the XVII century, and was approved by the local bishop a short time later. It was accompanied by further miraculous events at the beginning of the XX century, when the events described by the Blessed Virgin were approaching.

This apparition is very remarkable for the insistent and very precise predictions of the Blessed Virgin concerning facts that would only happen several centuries later. In this case, the predictions are – at least as far as we are concerned – so shockingly precise, that one cannot – if he has some fear of God left in him – but stop and reflect on every word the Blessed Virgin was saying several centuries ago.

In this case, the Blessed Virgin predicted a tragic, extremely upsetting (to make it clear: not a continuity, but a disruption) and long-lasting event within the Church, starting around after the half of the XX century. Look, the “advent of the Holy Spirit”, the phenomenon with “theological implications” was, in fact, accurately predicted three and a half centuries before it happened, with uncanny accuracy, by the Blessed Virgin herself, in an apparition officially approved! Ah, if only Pope Benedict and Archbishop Mueller had been around some four centuries ago, to deny the allegations!

Now, apparitions of the Blessed Virgin are private revelations and no one is bound to them. Still, those who have ears to hear and a healthy fear of the Lord will find the accusations extremely familiar, the time astonishingly precise, and the described events very well exposed. All in all, the general effect of Satan’s attack is painted in extremely vivid colours and with great richness of detail, three and a half centuries before the fact. Not bad for an apparition, and rather worrying for an approved one.

Let us see some of the highlights, and again note the uncanny precision of the prophecy, which rather resembles a chronicle:

Our Lady said that the enemies of the Church would “focus particularly on the children in order to achieve this general corruption. Woe to the children of these times!”

Many of us have children in our circle of acquaintances, or among our relatives, who are either unbaptised or utterly unaware of the very rudiments of Christianity. The sins of the parents visit the children, and how hardly they visit them in these disgraceful times! The first generation after V II was indifferent; the second is unbaptised. V II is the gift that keeps on giving. 

It goes on:

Our Lady warned that the Sacrament of Marriage would come under special attack as would modesty in women.

When sluttish behaviour becomes norm and even socially encouraged (“open mentality” or “free spirit”  I think it’s called nowadays) it is no surprise marriage comes under pressure. Of course, sluts have always been there; but their behaviour was stigmatised; nowadays, it is taken as a matter of no consequence, or even “modern”. As to marriage, when the sense of its sacredness – once felt even by protestants – is no longer respected, it comes only natural that people should demand to “marry” one or more persons of the same sex, or animals, or whatever they like. To them is not a sacrament, you see; not even a sacred bond; to them it’s merely an occasion to  party.

During one apparition which took place in the Convent chapel, the sanctuary lamp went out leaving the chapel in darkness. Our Lady explained that this signified the “great spiritual catastrophe which would engulf the Church” .

Note the words: a) spiritual catastrophe, which b) will engulf the Church. Strong tobacco, for sure, but so true.

But when would this catastrophe happen? Perhaps it is meant by that the conservative pontificate of Pius XII, or the aggressive oppression of free spirits of a St. Pius X? No, the prophecy is about

the world-wide crisis in the Church in the late 19th Century culminating in a disaster for the Church, described by Our Lady, with great accuracy, as occurring “shortly after the middle of the 20th Century.” 

We have it all here: a crisis beginning at the end of the XIX Century (obviously: Modernism), eventually exploding (obviously, as Neo-modernism) “shortly after the middle of the XX century with, of course, Vatican II. This is so precise it’s chilling, and the prophecy happened at the beginning of the XVII century!

It gets even better (or worse):

“In this supreme moment of need for the Church, those who should speak out will fall silent.”

This is, in fact, the impression I have whenever I read of the latest speech of the Holy Father about some utterly peripheral and uncontroversial theme (go on CNA and you’ll find several at any given time; you will have noticed by now I do not waste your time with platitudes and easy sound bites, so I tend to avoid them) whilst the building burns from all sides and heresy spreads all over Central Europe: silence.

Is, then, all so bad as it seems? Well yes, it is, but do not despair; then (emphasis mine)

Our Lady promised Mother Mariana that, just when everything seems lost, her hour would come when she would rescue the Church.

 Things might well become even worse than they are now (and they are bad enough, I’d say); the recent appointment of a disconcerting man in more than odour of heresy as the Church’s main protector against… heresy tells us all the extent of the trouble. Can it get worse? Well, who knows what the next Pope might bring us: if the Cardinals allow the Devil to persuade them they must follow their German and Austrian colleagues on their way to either open heresy or thinly veiled Neo-modernist accommodation, I think Assisi and Mueller and not the worst we have seen, or not all we have seen of them.  

Still, the Blessed Virgin will watch from heaven, and will intervene at the hardest time, “when everything seems lost”.

We should remember this chilling, but still beautiful apparition. We should remember it to draw strenght in times of crisis, and to remind ourselves that in the end it is called Our Lady of Good Success because this is what will come out of this mess in the end.

Which, in these troubled times, is no small reassurance.



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