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Spain And The Abortion Of The Handicapped Fetus

In Spain, a proposal to ban the abortion of handicapped fetuses might become a very interesting battleground, already causing calls for the ban of abortion tout court.

The idea is that the soon-to-be handicapped child should not be discriminated. Which is very fine but – unfortunately for the abortionist troops – makes it all too evident that in this case it is he sane children who are discriminated against: the sane unborn baby can be killed, the handicapped one can’t.

On the other hand, it will be interesting to see how the lefties, always the first ones to exploit the rhetoric of the inclusion, will justify the killing of a baby because not destined to be born a sane baby. The practice of abortion is certainly indicative of nazi cruelty in itself, but the focus on the handicapped child certainly allows the intrinsic cruelty (and intrinsic Nazism) of the practice to come to the foreground even for those “mainstream” citizen considering abortion an unpleasant characteristic of modern times, like traffic and tattoos.

The party political implications are also clear: the leftist parties must either openly say they are in favour of the abortion of a baby because handicapped if the parents so choose, or they must unavoidably admit that abortion both discriminates against the sane babies, and leads to the unwanted killing of the handicapped ones.

En passant, it must be said the very same argument can be used by abortion against any other real or perceived “minority” like, for example,  girls. Does your lefty Spaniard MP support the abortion of a baby because it is a girl? Let him say so.

I doubt this initiative will solve the problem, and Spain after Franco’s death has shown to be able to only walk in the wrong direction; but this might become an interesting argument which, if developed in the years to come, might well change the mind of many and, most importantly, help shaping the mentality of the next generation of Spaniards.


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