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Redde Rationem

Gore not very vidal anymore…

And so Gore Vidal has at last – as politically incorrect Italians say – stretched his paws. For those who don’t know much about him – and who can blame them? – the chap(ess) was an extremely impressive collection of shortcomings of more or less (generally: more) grave nature: clearly a sympathiser of communism and certainly a left-wing nutcase; a “jewish conspiracy” proposer (actually, a proposer of many conspiracies); obviously an unrepentant poof; an enemy of God; like many of his ilk, a friend of pedophilia and a veiled supporter of statutory rape (his comment on the Polanski affair according to Wikipedia: “I really don’t give a fuck. Look, am I going to sit and weep every time a young hooker feels as though she’s been taken advantage of?”  ). Ah, he was also a sympathiser of the then executed Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh. I am sure I am forgetting many other episodes, but please cut me some slack, it isn’t easy…

As I was saying, the man (?) has now, finally, stretched his paws. One can’t say he didn’t have time to repent, but he certainly didn’t use it well as one who becomes honorary president of the american “humanist” association in his eighties certainly shows he is wasting precious time.

There are no signs whatever of conversion, at least I haven’t found any of a public nature.

When people like him die, I can never avoid reflecting on the nature of Hell, as the terrible reality of damnation – so easily removed during our day-to-day occupations – becomes then urgently evident  and one must think  that with all probability, the man (?) is now in hell. Now, as I write and as you read. Forever.

At the same time, when people like Vidal die one understands in full the meaning of the usual slogan that “only people who want to go to hell end up there”.  Whilst I do think many people go to hell without thinking they would – a sobering thought, this, for everyone of us; but I can picture without difficulty a dying Nancy Pelosi imparting the absolution to the priest – there’s no denying Vidal would never be able to describe himself as even moderately surprised by the punishment, once he has been surprised by the existence of the Punisher. Gore Vidal is one who seems to have dedicated an entire life – and a very long one at that – to the only purpose of damning himself. Of course, lefties of all political and sexual orientation now worship him.

We don’t know – not with total certainly, at least – where he is now, but it is to me difficult to think he could be anywhere else than in hell, very probably in company of Hitchens – whom I personally disliked less – and of many other smartasses who, like him, are now discovering they are so screwed that even as homosexuals they won’t like it.

The time to give an account has come for him, as it will come for everyone of us. Let us use people like Vidal as a memento and a cautionary tale to avoid ending in the same pit as he very probably did.


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