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Should We Be Scared For Missy Franklin?

Sweet and fast: Missy Franklin.

And so Missy Franklin is apparently thinking about converting to Catholicism.

Because of what she has learned in a Jesuit school.

One doesn’t know whether to be pleased, or scared.


Glorious Chick-Fil-A cartoon


Chick-Fil-A: “Liberal” Hate At Its Stupidest

To alleviate the boredom of your August, here is something that will make you smile.

This chap is so full of himself, that he thinks it “cool” to take the car and video record himself whilst he harasses a poor girl trying to do her job, hopefully, with some Christian spirit. The girl, by the way, behaved exceptionally well; I personally would have never been able to keep the cool and client serving spirit she kept during the entire funny and pathetic exercise.

The thing would embarrassing enough if the genius had been filmed by someone else doing his little show, but it becomes outrageously funny if you think that he did it himself.

It is reported on Father Z’s blog that the chap posted his video on Youtube and was submerged by a tsunami of “thumb down” votes, after which he took the video away. Fortunately for all of us, someone had already saved this monument to human stupidity, and subsequently posted it again on the very same youtube, where you can now admire the genius of the man in all its glory.

Note the chap insists in letting us know that he is “totally heterosexual”, which besides being doubtful (people with such narcissistic tendencies tend to be, actually, fags) defies the object: if he feels the needs to let the world know he is not one of them, he perpetuates the “homophobia” he says he wants to eradicate.

He is certainly a fag inside, which is bad enough.

I wonder what his mama thinks. They always have such high hopes when their sons get born.

The mother of the idiot is always pregnant, they say in Italy.

The United States seem to be no exception.

Enjoy the pathetic “liberal” hate. It’s truly funny. And please, please help Chick-Fil-A to thrive by spending money by them if you live nearby, and keep its owners and employees in your prayers if you don’t.


Reblog of the day

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Can you imagine one of those very dangerous dogs looking at you in a threatening way whilst the scared owner says her dear animal is not dangerous?

I had to think of such episodes when I read this article; which, though it reports positive news in itself, is merely another attempt to avoid looking at reality as it is and to continue with the rather amusing tale of the “unilateral interpretations” of the Vatican II.

Vatican II has – as it is now gradually but irresistibly acknowledged – been followed by countless such “misinterpretations” but, strangely, none of these should now be traced back to the Council as their real cause. The logical fallacy of the argument appears instantly clear is we reflect  that these misinterpretations held sway within the Church for decades for no other reason than because they were the logic continuation of the mentality and ideology of the…

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