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Explaining Kreuz.Net

Kreuz.net call him “Homoporn-Cardinal”: Christoph Schoenborn.

Those among my readers who do not read German will probably not know Kreuz.net, though I dare to think most of those who speak German do.

Kreuz.net is a very conservative, ferociously Anti-V II anonymous Internet site. If you think I express myself in a too aggressive way, you are well advised never to visit them as compared to them my blog is harmless mainstream Catholic fare. You read the blog with its  vitriolic comments and could be forgiven for thinking you have landed on some micro-site of extremely angry extremists with a micro-following of extremely angry readers.

Big mistake.

Kreuz.net, which in the past posted articles from excellent priests above all suspicion like Reto Nay ( Nay is the excellent “engine” behind Gloria TV, which is multilingual like himself; I have linked to the site more than a couple of times), is well-known for being not only extremely abrasive but also rather well-informed; besides, it appears to have a vast following and – particularly for a website written in German –  a rather stellar Alexa ranking.

Now we must ask ourselves: how can it be that a Catholic site expressing itself in shockingly aggressive manner, and in the sights of the German prosecutors attract such a vast number of followers? The answers are, in my eyes, interesting because they concern the Catholic world at large. I personally see them as follows:

1. They are competent. They would put every head of the CDF (the present one, and a couple of the past ones) to shame. During the recent “Mary-Not-Truly-Ever-Virgin” scandal they completely ridiculed Archbishop Mueller. At least from what I have read up to now, they appear utterly sound.

2. They “talk turkey”. No diplomatic waffle, and no veiled accusations. The accusations are open, and you are left in no doubt as to what is wrong with those they criticise. They also do not suffer of the disease – well spread in the Anglo Saxon world – by contracting which the Pope becomes magically free of all guilt whilst all those around him wreak havoc.

3. They are angry. In doing so, they certainly resonate with the many Germans or German-speaking readers who have the pockets full of the cowardly and – alas – theologically compromised post-V II Church. They have the more right to be angry, as the Church in German-speaking countries cannot be beaten in point of overt or covert heresy. If I lived in Germany, I think I would consider them as a good way to try to avoid a liver cancer.

Yes, their language is very harsh. Yes, their content can be considered questionable at times (though, apparently, only for hyper-sensitive German prosecutors; no problems with the hosting in the USA at all). Yes, I wouldn’t endorse everything they write (by far not). But you see, their success can safely be seen as the result of the state of complete abandonment true German-speaking Catholics must feel, as they experience that the charge toward heresy is led by their  own  bishops and cardinals whilst the German Pope does … er, well, nothing.

I can assure you the times I did not write on my blog about documented topics I read about on kreuz.net are more than I care to admit; and I did it because to comment on my blog on all the scandals and heresies they continuously expose would gravely endanger my health and, probably, yours too.

This is how an internet site obtains not only a vast readership, but even the attention of the professional faggots of the German political world  like Volker Beck (a Green cretin who has built his career on his homosexuality; think Peter Tatchell with added bitching, and non-stop whining).

German-speaking Catholics just have the pockets full. They are going to visit those sites which tell things straight, and expose the ludicrous state the Church has reduced herself in German-Speaking countries. It is no surprise unimpeachable Catholic blogs like Catholic Church Conservation and The Eponymous Flower follow them and, at times, even translate their articles (something for which yours truly will, alas, never have the patience).

The German church is in such a state that the gloves will not do anymore and only bare knuckles will do.

Kreuz.net does it very crudely, but on the whole rather well. Kudos to them, and who cares if the German PC-police and institutionalised faggotry disagree.


Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

Brilliant piece of sober, reasoned thinking from Frank Turek on TownHall.com.

Telling about the usual homo calling him – as usual for homos – “bigot”, he says among other things (emphases always mine):

That’s the central fallacy in virtually every argument for homosexuality—if you don’t agree with homosexual behavior, you are somehow bigoted against people who want to engage in that behavior. How does that follow? If conservatives and Christians are “bigots” for opposing homosexual behavior, then why aren’t homosexual activists bigots for opposing Christian behavior? And if we are bigots for opposing same-sex marriage, then why aren’t homosexual activists bigots for opposing polygamous or incestuous marriage?

And in fact it never persuaded me how you can have boundaries, but I can’t. How you can claim to have a moral compass, but I cannot. How you can have a sexual perversion, and say that the ill person – the homophobic…

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The Fruits of Vatican II: Scotland

We are informed there are more so-called “humanist weddings” than Catholic weddings in Scotland. 


Now, Scotland has long been in the hands of the Proddies, which these days means falling in the hands of atheism. Still, it goes to show to what extent the Scottish society has de-Christianised itself, and to what extent the Church in Scotland has failed to do a proper work of evangelisation in the decades of meltdown of Protestant Christianity.

If the local bishops had been assertively Catholic for some decades, we would not have this situation now. Perhaps the Scottish society would be more polarised, but certainly there would be a clear light shining for those who are ready to follow it. It is to me self-evident that with all its real or presumed shortcomings, the Pre-Vatican II church would not have failed to reap a rich harvest from the Protestant collapse; the post-Vatican II church goes on struggling instead; terrified of losing “sympathies”, and unwilling to be harsh.

The simple fact is that in modern Europe as a bishop one is required to quarrel with everyone and be ready to become a much hated man; if he doesn’t, he is just not doing his job.

So the devil advances, and the bishops look on.


Post Without Comment.

Open heresy has been going on in Austria for years now.

In Germany, hundreds of priest openly declare they (try to) give communion to divorced and remarried (wannabe) Catholics.

Always in Germany, Cardinals openly speaks of “homosexual unions” as if they were something positive, a “commitment” of sort.

The Pope….

announces he has finished a book, and is working on an encyclical letter.


Gabby Douglas: “I Give All The Glory To God”

Beautiful smile, and beautiful mind: Gabby Douglas.


Sixteen years old, and already a wisdom which puts to shame so many of three times her age.

U.S. Gold medalist Gabby Douglas gives “all the glory to God” for her achievement. She even had the cheek – in these unbelievable times, it might soon be forbidden if someone takes offence – to tweet her thanks to God, adding  “may I never forget the good things he does for me”.

One reads such things, and has some hope that a new generation of Christians will learn to be more assertive and more, well, Christian than their (collectively speaking) parents did.


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