Gabby Douglas: “I Give All The Glory To God”

Beautiful smile, and beautiful mind: Gabby Douglas.


Sixteen years old, and already a wisdom which puts to shame so many of three times her age.

U.S. Gold medalist Gabby Douglas gives “all the glory to God” for her achievement. She even had the cheek – in these unbelievable times, it might soon be forbidden if someone takes offence – to tweet her thanks to God, adding  “may I never forget the good things he does for me”.

One reads such things, and has some hope that a new generation of Christians will learn to be more assertive and more, well, Christian than their (collectively speaking) parents did.


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  1. She really does shine from within.

    The more conservative media here is irked with the major TV networks stressing “the first African-American to win a gymnastics medal”. I agree. Why isn’t Gabby just “an American”?

    May the angel Gabriel watch over Gabby and keep her from the snares of the devil.

    • Why are you Americans always so obsessed with race? Or is it only a problem of the lefties?

      I do not know any other coutry where an idiot who has never worked or had some meaningful responsibility is elected to the most powerful political position on the planet because of the colour of his skin…


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