The Fruits of Vatican II: Scotland

We are informed there are more so-called “humanist weddings” than Catholic weddings in Scotland. 


Now, Scotland has long been in the hands of the Proddies, which these days means falling in the hands of atheism. Still, it goes to show to what extent the Scottish society has de-Christianised itself, and to what extent the Church in Scotland has failed to do a proper work of evangelisation in the decades of meltdown of Protestant Christianity.

If the local bishops had been assertively Catholic for some decades, we would not have this situation now. Perhaps the Scottish society would be more polarised, but certainly there would be a clear light shining for those who are ready to follow it. It is to me self-evident that with all its real or presumed shortcomings, the Pre-Vatican II church would not have failed to reap a rich harvest from the Protestant collapse; the post-Vatican II church goes on struggling instead; terrified of losing “sympathies”, and unwilling to be harsh.

The simple fact is that in modern Europe as a bishop one is required to quarrel with everyone and be ready to become a much hated man; if he doesn’t, he is just not doing his job.

So the devil advances, and the bishops look on.


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  1. *incoherent spluttering*
    It was a grave mistake ever to let marriage cease to be the monopoly of the Church and the ‘churches’ (I know in Scotland that means the Calvinists, but you must agree a Church of Scotland wedding is better than this). We need the hierarchy to speak up, and I am hugely pleased Abp. Tartaglia and Bp. Gilbert have both condemned so-called marriage for homosexuals, for instance, but the Bishops should have been being this strong, on all issues, for years. Then it wouldn’t come as a shock to the maundering modernists that, yes, Catholics actually believe and follow the teachings of the Catholic Church, and the Church would not have lost so much ground!

    St Andrew, pray for us!

    • Duns,
      it is true some Scottish bishop are starting to meow, but I still thin kit is far too little. A Bishop should excommunicate Catholics who publicly support positions in contrast with the Church and do so openly day in and day out, until the country is entirely on fire. I can’t see other way to be really effective, as to just say “I am against” and not act in conformity to what one says is never ever going to work.


  2. These were the days! Yes, as always, Mundabor, you’re quite right.

  3. Really sorry for two posts in a row – we do, really, need the Church to show a strong arm to the backsliders and so-called Catholics. This is the Holy Roman Church, the Church Militant, and, to be honest, the Bishops of Scotland need to start acting like Princes of the Church and using both strong words (see the communiques of Bp. Fellay, Bp. Williamson, Bp. Tissier de Mallerais and Bp.Galaretta for examples of simple but profound, unshakeably Catholic teaching and authority befitting of a Bishop) and a firm hand to back it up, or the Church, thanks to the mewling of a few people desperate not to upset anyone – I’m sorry, the truth sometimes is upsetting, and the Church exists for the glory, defence and the spreading of the truth of our Lord, it does not exist to blandly salve the emotions of the ‘politically correct’ brigade – will fade into the ‘everybody happy’ irreverence of so many Protestant ‘Churches’. I know you’re not SSPX, Mundabor, but as this goes in, I’m inches from writing to St. George’s House and asking if there’s any way for one of their priests to instruct and confirm me.

    • Two excellent comments, Duns, and no problem at all.

      As to the confirmation from an SSPX priest, I do not feel I could tell you what to do. You seem to have been rather well instructed by good “Vatican” priest(s). I’d pick one of them to have an opinion. You seem to be very lucky compared to most “Vatican” Catholics, so you should carefully weight whether you see a state of necessity for the confirmation through the SSPX. I like them a lot, but I refuse to consider the attendance to a V II Mass “sinful” (as some of them will probably tell me) and would not have any problem with a confirmation from a “Vatican” priest, though I’d try to pick one as good as I can reasonably find within travelling distance.

      The instruction is, in my view, a separate matter, and you will be able to access their vast material anyway.

      Still, this is only my personal opinion based on what I would do. It is seriously not for me to say what you should do, other than to suggest you talk with a good priest.


  4. Thank you so much for your opinion, Munabor. I will weigh it very carefully and pray very hard.

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