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This is a very good example of what happens when those who are in charge refuse to do their job, and unless something happens fast we must brace ourselves for much, much more of this.

Since last summer, an open revolt has been going on in Austria, with more than 300 priests and deacons clearly and openly espousing heretical positions. Just click on the “Stop” sign on the right hand side if you want to know more.

The man in charge and with the task to stop this mess is their – unofficial – ally, but he is also a personal protege’ of Pope Benedict, so nothing happened to him. Nothing happened, of course, also to the priests themselves, who were simply told they are being naughty, or rather “unhelpful”. Clearly, they feel encouraged to go on – with a distinguo here and a small concession there of course –…

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  1. It’s with great difficulty I am stopping myself from putting up the excommunication scene in ‘Becket’ again. Surely it is far better for the Austro-German heretics to be seriously, very seriously disciplined, if they don’t repent, they ought to be excommunicated, at once cutting them off from the Body of Christ, where they can do no more damage and hopefully exhorting them to abandon their heresy and return to God, than by maundering and vacillating allowing the poison to spread! Don’t give us the favourite, modern ‘Christian charity’ argument. True charity, not wilting effeminacy and a desire to please everyone, would see these heretics severely punished, for the sake of the holy Church – and hopefully, the threat of interdict or excommunication would exhort these souls to see how far they have been deluded by their own arrogance and by the Devil, who most certainly finds work for idle hands.

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