Christians Helping Brave Christians

Help marriage, eat cake…

A bakery refuses to bake a cake for a couple of fags wanting to pantomime a God-made institution for their perverted aims.

They say no, as they had done several times in the past. But this time, several death threats follow.

The fags also launch the usual facebook boycott campaign. As a result, the business increases substantially.

 You see, what these cretins do not understand is that the more they agitate the waters, the more people wake up and discover that they have had enough of political correctness, and the time has come to take a stand. And so many honest, if perhaps tepid Christians march to the shop of the brave Christian, and spend money by him. Be assured that when they get out, they are a little less tepid already.

May God bless this brave man and prosper his business, and let us really hope judicial Gaystapo-activism does not try to force shopkeepers to serve openly homosexual initiatives just because the state allows some form of official sexual perversion.


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  1. “Gaystapo”-good coinage!
    GayGB? Works aloud
    Cant think of anything with stasi.

    • Gaystapo is not mine, “sodomarriage” is. 😉

      I think the so-called church of England actually gave the word its present popularity, at least they institutionalised it.

      I wouldn’t mind finding anything with stasi, as the refined humour would be beyond the pale of the masses…

      “Gaystapo” works very well I think, we should work on that…


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