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It is very well-known that Pope Pius XII, Pastor Angelicus, was a great supporter of the Fatima apparitions; so much so, that one of the names with which he is remembered is the Pope of Fatima.

An important issue of the Fatima apparitions is the great importance put by Our Blessed Virgin on the daily recitation of the Rosary. It is therefore no surprise that this great Pope would at some point address the importance of the rosary in an encyclical letter.

It is particularly indicative that this happened in 1951, in the middle of the Cold War. The Holy Father chose the day of the Feast of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary, the 15th September, to address the entire Catholic world with Ingruentium Malorum.

Let us see some of the – in my eyes – most relevant and instructive passages of this work.


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  1. I am a member of the confraternity of St. Peter. We are committed to pray one decade of the holy rosary for the sanctification of the priests and for the priestly vocations of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter. Considering what I was before, I learnt and appreciated praying the rosary again ever since I joint the confraternity. Moreover, my father passed away 2 weeks ago. On the eve of the funeral there are (traditional) prayers held in my parish (the one with the heretic priest!), the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary. It was such a comfort! One comfort is for my father, who also received the extreme unction prior of his death and to have the rosary prayed for his soul. I am no longer worried for him and I am so grateful for that. The other comfort is that, in spite of this priest in our parish, there is still the seed of sanctity in the people to make them pray the rosary in spite of moderinism and everything else. It proves to me that the rosary is so important to the Church and to the Catholic people and that this is the biggest sign of hope to me for the Church.


    • My heartfelt condolences for your loss, wk1999 and I agree with you it must be a great comfort to know how loved ones – particularly if, as you seem to imply in this case, there might have been some reason to be worried – have died with the comfort of the sacraments.

      As to the rosary, I do think it is the most powerful spiritual weapon around after the Mass. I wonder how many modernist priests pray the rosary? nay, how many pray the breviary?


  2. Thank you, Mundabor.

    During the prayer session for my father only lay people were present, no (modernist) priests. Btw, in my parish there is still the tradition alive to have the rosary prayed before Sunday Mass (among other occasions). I know that it is a nuisance if not an embarassment to our parish priest. The rosary takes away the stage for his “show”. He can’t stand it.

    • You have rosaries before Mass even in England in the odd church, and the Mass tends to ne more reverent than the (rather low) average. Personally it tells me the local priests would like to oppose the modern thinking, but doesn’t have the guts and tries to help as he can.


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