French Homos Angry At Church: What Now?

If the French would only stick to what they can do so well…

You would not believe it, but there are journalists on this world able to describe Pope Benedict “hardliner” because he says (Pope Benedict almost never does anything effective, but every now and then says something right; in this following the style of his apparently soon-to-be-beatified predecessor Paul VI)  that homo marriage threaten “the future of humanity” (very bad theology by the way) and, in good substance, shows some apprehension for the measures the leftie regime of Monsieur Hollande wants to introduce.

I can’t avoid wondering how the very same Pope would be described if he began to do something rather than merely talking about apocalyptic scenarios. If he were, for example, to excommunicate all Catholic members of parliament and government who do not give allegiance to Catholic teaching on the matter, remove a couple of dozen of the worst bishops (alas, probably appointed by him; but just for the sake of the hypothesis)  and start a day-in, day-out total war to the Government in a purely religious matter, would he be called, erm, hardliner?

Still, the most interesting point is another: how the Church in France will organise her troops in the battle. if they react to the predictable whining of the perverts by swearing how much they feel for them, and perhaps even that they in some way approve of the “good” that is in their “commitment”, no opposition will ever be worth anything. You can’t say the Truth by half, the truth must be told in its entirety irrespective of the risk for one’s popularity. 

If the French clergy will have the gut to say it (well) straight, the chances of the message getting through will be much higher,because it will be a coherent message. If they try to stay in the middle, they will not persuade the ignorant (because they do not instruct them) and will utter displease the orthodox (because they refuse to instruct). 

Early days here, and the cries of “homophobic” will certainly be an interesting test.

I am not very confident. Actually, I am not confident at all (just imagine fighting the fight for marriage with people like this chap, obviously appointed by Pope Benedict…). But you never know. At times even the worst are able to surprise…


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