Please Sign The Petition Against President Obama’s Invitation To The Al Smith’s Fundraising Dinner

The petition is here.

I have just read it and I am shocked at the (how was the word? Oh yes) cowardice of Cardinal Dolan.

The best explanation of why you should sign the petition is in this Michael Voris Video.

Cardinal Dolan is called to lead the Church through very difficult times.

If he starts licking the plates of the enemy, there isn’t much hope.


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  1. This whole thing has gotten so many of us SO UPSET! The crazieness of it is that there are many faithful Catholics who took our leadership seriously when they asked us to fast and pray and do penance for the HHS Mandate to be resinded and we also do so for the Abortions going on world-wide thanks to the help of Obama, and for the Gay Marriages being made legal THANKS to the HELP of OBAMA, and for the upcoming election so that Obama will NOT be re-elected……and here they invite him as GUEST OF HONOR to this GALA Fundraising Dinner!!!!

    Doesn’t is seem strange that many of us will be sitting at home for weeks on end going without food, or eating simple food like rice and beans, praying for hours and even some of us wearing Hair SHIRTS…..and in NEW YORK the Cardinal and his co-horts will be feasting on rich foods and drinking freely while hob nobbing with the rich and famous as they clap and smile for the ONE MAN who has done the MOST HARM to our Faith in DECADES!

    Two examples I use are it is like the Jews inviting Hitler to the the main speaker at a Fundraiser for Polish Orphans or the Japanese Kamakazi Pilots being invited to a GALA in Hawaii and asked to give a speach for a group of Naval men and their families, after which they end their eating and drinking in frivolity and get in their Japanese Zero’s and dive bomb the ships of the men they were just partying with!

    WHAT is Cardinal Dolan thinking? THIS IS VERY HURTFUL to those of us who work for the End of Abortion and have given ourselves to do penance for the state of the church! I have already signed this petition and I recommend others to do so and ALSO to CALL the NY Archdiocese AND Catholic Charities (whom I will not be giving any of my money to anymore!). I hope they are all inundated with phone calls and letters!

    • You said is wonderfully, Elizabeth, and the thing with the Jews invitign Hitler is particularly apposite.

      “What is Cardinal Dolan thinking” is also very well-said.


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