Daily Archives: August 11, 2012

Defar Wins Running With an Image of The Blessed Virgin!

Not bad, uh?

I had missed this (or the BBC did not show it? Can someone of my English readers tell me more about this?)  and I am glad to repost it courtesy of CNA and Father Z.

The fact the lady has run with the image of the Blessed Virgin is particularly impressive.

On a lighter note, one notices even Usain Bolt feels the need to cross himself before a race, though being Usain Bolt he can’t avoid being over the top in that, too.

I also liked the Russian athlete who before her final start crossed herself uninterruptedly from the “ready” to the starting signal.

I am anxiously awaiting for the next idiot asking the Christian signs be forbidden from Olympic games,lest some Muslim (read: some anti-clerical atheist) should feel offended.


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