Defar Wins Running With an Image of The Blessed Virgin!

Not bad, uh?

I had missed this (or the BBC did not show it? Can someone of my English readers tell me more about this?)  and I am glad to repost it courtesy of CNA and Father Z.

The fact the lady has run with the image of the Blessed Virgin is particularly impressive.

On a lighter note, one notices even Usain Bolt feels the need to cross himself before a race, though being Usain Bolt he can’t avoid being over the top in that, too.

I also liked the Russian athlete who before her final start crossed herself uninterruptedly from the “ready” to the starting signal.

I am anxiously awaiting for the next idiot asking the Christian signs be forbidden from Olympic games,lest some Muslim (read: some anti-clerical atheist) should feel offended.



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  1. Not only was it the Blessed Mother but it was OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP!!! Powerful Image that one! My sister is Ethiopian/Roman and they are VERY Faithful Catholics most of them that LOVE the Blessed Mother and LOVE her SON as well as ALL THE SAINTS. When they have feast days they go on all NIGHT AND DAY with celebrations and Masses. They walk for HOURS sometimes on their knees to go see an image or get to Mass!!! My sister lives in CA and she walks about a hour each way daily to go to Mass so she has time to pray and be out in God’s beauty! We could learn a LOT from them!

    • Thanks Elizabeth,

      I once knew a Catholic of Coptic rite. He was very amused at our Mass. Apparently by the the exercise can go on all morning…

      We have all but lost the devotion of Catholics in other continents. We prefer being “nuanced”, I suppose…


  2. I saw it. She had it pinned inside her top. When she crossed the finished line, she spent a few seconds fishing it out, then showed it and kissed the image many times. The runner was quite emotional, but gave all glory to the BVM and Jesus. It was beautiful and it was the biggest highlight of the olympics.

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