Apologies To The Readers

Probably many bloggers know what it is like: you end up writing late in the evening more asleep than awake, and then mistakes creep in. This time it was not just the odd typo or forgetting to tag (which, by the way, I have also done), but much worse.

I have selected yesterday’s photo from google (very little pic), have put the caption without looking at the photo, have clicked “publish” and then I have gone to bed, the slow connection has not motivated me to give a last check.

This early afternoon I wanted to look on my phone how the page looks like (I never do; but today I was curious) and the picture looked very strange. Zooming, I saw with horror that a devil was there, in a “representation” of the Last Supper certainly extremely disquieting, and very possibly inspired by some satanic motive or sympathy.

I tried to cancel the (literally) damn photo, but my extreme inexperience with this kind of exercise from the phone did not allow me to do so. Then I decided to put the entire message as “draft” so it would disappear until I managed to put the right photo on.

I am a very impressionable person, and to see the devil looking at me when I expected to see the Last Supper wasn’t a pleasant experience at all.

It was a mistake due to sleepiness and, well, lack of proper care in posting.

My apologies to all those who, no doubt, had the same impression I did from seeing the horrible, very probably blasphemous photo. I won’t even try to fish it again from google to see the background, then the thought is very uncomfortable.

Apologies again.



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  1. Don’t be hard on yourself, it’s not your fault or deliberate doing.

    There’s some sick badness out there and we don’t expect it as we can’t imagine folk doing such nastiness.

    • Thanks, in fact I did not expect it at all; but still, it pains me to think of people who might have been as disturbed at the photoshopped pic as I was.

      One lives and learns, I suppose…


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