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“Pussy Riot” Got What They Deserve

We all know we live in very stupid times. But the times must be stupid indeed if a group of exhibitionist bitches can think they can desecrate a church and stage an act of (it is very reasonable to say, though my Russian is, erm, limited) open blasphemy, in church, in front of the faithful.

Thankfully, the Russians seem to have kept a least one tiny bit of the sanity which should be understood all over the West, and have decided to jail (and it appears to be real jail, not parole or the like) the exuberant girls so that next time they enter a church they know how to behave.

Let me say that I do not care two straws that they were protesting against Putin, or that they believe they have some “humanitarian” agenda to promote. Russia isn’t so bad that one cannot give vent to his dissatisfaction in public, without the need to behave in a desecrating and blasphemous way.

Add to this that according to the excellent LifeSiteNews:

1) the song had several open attacks to religion as such (not Putin!), and obscene references.

2) the “pussy riots” have a history of exhibitionism, and I mean not only in the usual sense, but also in the sexual one. How else can you describe people having sex in public in a museum, or simulating a masturbation with a chicken leg in a supermarket.

The article also has a rather eloquent video (caution: strong tobacco) in case you think the “ladies” only have a problem with Putin.

This has been happening not for the last couple of weeks before the church “incident”, but for the last several years. Therefore, it is obvious the real scandal is not that the “pussy riot” have been arrested. It is that they have not been arrested before.

Still, it can be no surprise that such sex-obsessed nutcases are the pets of the Western liberal media and of those organisation (like Amnesty International) always ready to support the wrong causes.

Well then, the “ladies” (ha!) will now have some cooling times in jail where, no doubt, the one or other chicken leg will not be denied to them. I truly hope they do not get “pardoned”, thus thinking they can continue with their antics more or less unpunished.

Kudos to the Russian judges, and let us hope when this happens in Western Europe (which it will) the reaction will be comparably firm.


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