Official: Obama Is Pure Evil

Don’t believe me?

Read here.


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  1. I do agree…..and YET we MUST still pray for his conversion of heart and soul….(even though some days I do so kicking and screaming – guess I’ll be a LONG time waiting for sainthood!).

    This is all part of the One World Government Manifesto. Less people, less people to control. Just watch how this thing will go viral in 3rd world countries where the ONE WORLD ELITE do NOT want many people to exhist.

    I’ve already seen on EWTN the Priest who wrote the book SPIRITUAL DANGERS OF THE 21st CENTURY talk about the CHEM TRAILS they are spreading in the air over dense populations. When I heard him talk about this I thought “am I in some George Orwell Film?” but then I saw that his book was verified by the Vatican. No WONDER we have so much CANCER around and especially in certain locals!

  2. Oregon was always Anti-Catholic. Back in the 1920’s, the KKK tried to pass laws that would outlaw private K-12 schools. The Church was the real target because it was the only entity that had those kind of schools in Oregon. Thankfully, the Supreme Court rled against the laws. Sadly, Oregon is still a hotbed of Anti-Christian flakery . A lot of New Age tomfoolery takes place there.

  3. Well….I pray for Obama’s conversion and for DOLAN to REALLY HEAR and FOLLOW the voice of GOD!

    I was just thinking of how horrible this would turn out if this Sterilization thing got popular with the teens (Like Tatoos and Mowhawks etc) and we found out later that we had an entire generation of thousands of sterile people…..while at the same time the Muslims are having VERY LARGE families……

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