Russian Courts Don’t Give A Fag For Fags.

In one of those rather funny development our modern “a court for every fag” system is creating, the so-called European Court of Civil Right, with seat in Strasburg, “condemned” Russia to pay damages to a local faggot insisting to have so-called “pride” parades held in Moscow.

On the same day of the Pussy Riot sentence (your humble correspondent reported) another interesting sentence was made public: so-called “gay parades” (generally a show of public lewdness, besides being perverted in themselves) are still forbidden in Moscow, and the local judges don’t give a … fag about what some strange “court” in Strasbourg thinks.

The Buggers Broadcasting Communism are, of course, devastated.

Away from me the thought that Russia is a happy land of free and prosperous people. But I can certainly say they seem to be the only ones willing to maintain some sanity in these disgraceful times.


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  1. It just goes to show you, Russian courts don’t pussyfoot with Pussy Riot!

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