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Giant Puppets And Evil Priests

There are a couple of interesting blog posts around about the “meaning” of those horrible giant puppets we see every now and then in the videos of more or less blasphemous parodies of the Mass.

In my eyes, the meaning is very simple: desecration, irreverence, trivialisation of the sacred, of the Mass and of the Consecration.

In a rigidly organised ritual like the Mass, every subversion of the ritual must pass through the subversion of the seriousness which always accompanies sacred ceremonies. If you want people not to take the Mass seriously, you must make of the Mass a circus. Excuses for this will obviously always be available in great quantities: the “children” who need to be “amused” or “entertained” (why? They can’t be already as stupid as their parents…), seasoned with a bit of waffle over the “joy” and sprinkled with a bit of “spirit”; but in the end, these exercises mean to achieve exactly what the “show” looks like: an exercise in the the desecration and trivialisation of the sacred.

A further element to desecrate the Mass must be given in the possibility – which the puppets are, no doubt, often given – to enter the sanctuary. The sanctuary is precluded to the pewsitters, but the nuChurch born of the “radiant” experience of V II cannot tolerate that there be anything seen as “off-limits”, though of course to invite the “faithful” to simply have a walk might have unpleasant consequences. What better, then, than to allow figures of “mirth” and “laughter” to desecrate a sacred space and make of the sanctuary a place of entertainment for everyone, even those who must stay out?

You will possibly now expect me to say that it is inexplicable to me how V II could be perverted to this extent.

Well, I won’t.

The puppets are not a perversion, but rather a continuation of Vatican II. They travelin teh same direction of V II, only a bit further. They are the unavoidable development of something which had all the germs of the rot in itself, which is the only reason why the rot could expand so rapidly

How many times have you heard of these puppet-masters justifying their shows with the pre-V II church? How often with V II? Why is this not entirely absurd to their parishioners? Why do the latter not talk among themselves and say: “Father must be out of his mind: there is no way this can be presented as a development of the “Spirit” of V II”?  

They don’t, because “Father” is right: this is a development of V II! If it were not, it would have been killed decades ago by those who made the Council!  Instead, you will notice that those who refuse the puppets and the “spirit” of V II tend to have a very low opinion of V II itself, and those who “embrace” V II tend to embrace, in a more or less marked way, the puppets and all the antics that can be compared with them: from “laser masses” to “liturgical dances” to God knows what. The video above shows a “good” bad example, and might even have been recorded at a (wannabe) Catholic mass.  

This is why the puppets are there: to destroy the sacredness, the reverence, the very idea of Transubstantiation, the very idea of belief in the Lord.

Please look at the video and tell me whether you can come to any other conclusion.



I am not responsible for WordPress’ Aggressive Marketing

I linked to my blog tonight and a window appeared on the top right hand side inviting me to subscribe to my blog (ha!) per email.

The worst was that the dratted window did not want to offer me any opportunity to just close it or click it away. It just stayed there, waiting for me to write my email address inside (you wish!).

The little show only ended when I clicked on another page altogether.

Let me point out that this is not my initiative (I couldn’t care less how many read me by email rather than by visiting the site directly) and that I do not like – as, I think, many of you – obnoxious windows wanting me to “do” something I do not want to do.

Feel free to complain to WordPress about this if it goes on, though I think they’ll be swamped with complaints already.

Anyway, as the man said: “my hands are clean”



Reblog of the day

Mundabor's Blog

Absolutely brilliant blog post from the “Little Catholic Bubble” about misguided compassion.

The author of the blog first describes her observation that

The culture has quickly moved from complete aversion to gay “marriage” (which was unthinkable even fifteen years ago) to the beginnings of real acceptance. I’ve noticed that most who have moved towards acceptance have done so out of a misguided sense of compassion.

We see here the poisoned fruits of a culture that has substituted Christianity with a wooly “let us feel good” mentality, where too many believe that, provided one “doesn’t harm anyone” (I didn’t know sodomy doesn’t harm, by the way), then it is all fine because we are oh sooo charitable.

When you have to explain to anyone that a sin is harmful because it offends God, you know that Christianity is in trouble.

But the fact is, the author continues, that such…

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Tony Nicklinson, The Man Who Would Be Damned.

All waffle about “equality” abandon ye who enter here.


Today’s newspapers/internet magazines are full of the story of the man who asked the court whether he could be legally murdered. The court said to him “no, you can’t” and the chap apparently cried in front of journalists (there are photos on the internet, at the very least) at being informed England is not so Nazi yet and he will have to leave until it pleases God in His wisdom (that’s not what the judges said; but you get my drift…) to put an end to his days.

Only one week or so later, the chap has… died, apparently of …”natural causes”. Pneumonia, says the coroner. Oh well. As the coroner says so and risks jail if he invents tales, we  will assume that there was nothing fishy in this death and will proceed to make some consideration from this point of view.

You can calculate for yourself the probability of salvation of chap who one week ago showed a sovereign despise for his god-given gift, and has kept this attitude even in his instruction for tweets (you won’t believe it, the chap had a vast twitter following; morbid) to be sent after his death. I don’t bet my pint about his salvation, because Mr Nicklinson seems to me one of those who seek damnation with the lantern and easily accomplish their objective;  and no, I simply don’t care two straws whether he had thirty-eight different paralyses and forty-nine legs not working: his life was as sacred – and as much a divine gift – as everyone else’s, and every differentiation in this respect is purest Nazi thinking.   

What enrages me most, though, is that in nowadays’ England a man can decide to send himself to Hell with lucid and stubborn determination and not only the media and the fora are full of the usual satanic idiots supporting him ( though why they should be sad is beyond me; “we rejoice at your death” is what they should write…),  but in addition to this very public madness no public warning should come from our bishops about the sheer nazi horror of what these people think they can do to their immortal souls.

In a twisted way one could still understand ( if never justify) the atheist thinking “who should care if I want to hitlerise myself and be done with that. I’m fed up of living with (add here your favourite disability),  I don’t believe in God and I just want to be terminated”. This is certainly shocking, but in itself not entirely stupid. It is the necessary conclusion of a wrong premise, but the conclusion  is not absurd in itself.

But that those who are supposed to believe in God should just shut up when  people damn themselves in such a public way, under the eyes of the nation, and are cheered by others for doing so is truly beyond belief. So much so in fact, that one can seriously wonder whether they believe in God in the first place.

Mr Nicklinson’s case is very indicative of this satanic madness: a man insists in getting rid of himself and spending an eternity in hell, and is cheered by Neonazis feeling – like the original ones – oh so good in the process. “Yes, get rid of yourself!” they say to him. “We can clearly see your life is worth crap, and not worthy of being lived! An obvious case of Lebensunwertes Leben! It is a shame the courts would not allow you to get rid of that rubbish you have become! Come on, old boy, try at least to get a pneumonia! You wouldn’t want  to go on like that, would you now?”

Apart from the – let us say it again: repetita iuvantsatanic attitude of Mr Nicklinson and his supporters, I want to point out to the utter uselessness of our modern, cowardly clergy, in this respect as in pretty much all the others. If the bishops don’t shout from the rooftops how evil suicide is, how can they persuade the masses that it should be avoided? If the only answer they have is waffling about the “sufferance” of the person who wants to die, how will they persuade anyone that he should not want to be killed? If they never speak about eternal sufferance (compared to which, I am sure, Mr Nicklinson’s earthly sufferance was a walk in the park; and very probably he has already realised this as I write) and always use the easy way of focusing on the earthly one, how can they hope to persuade those on whom the devil is so actively at work to desist from their foolish ideas? 

Mind, I am not talking here about the atheist hard-liners: they will continue on their Nazi line whatever a bishop may say. What is getting lost in this ocean of “niceness” is the mainstream of those (more or less vaguely) Christian who get Satan’s version of the story, whilst those who should speak about the heavenly one stay silent lest they be unpopular. 

The clergymen of the “church of nice” never talk about evil, satan, and hell. They only pander to people’s feelings. Oh how much you are suffering. Oh how much I feel for you. Oh how good I feel whilst helping you to feel good with your own (once again) satanic intent. Oh how popular, and sensitive, and caring, and pastoral I am! I must be a good priest/bishop, surely?

They should take heed. Not a long time will pass, and many of them might well find themselves in the company of the Nicklinsons of the world.







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