I am not responsible for WordPress’ Aggressive Marketing

I linked to my blog tonight and a window appeared on the top right hand side inviting me to subscribe to my blog (ha!) per email.

The worst was that the dratted window did not want to offer me any opportunity to just close it or click it away. It just stayed there, waiting for me to write my email address inside (you wish!).

The little show only ended when I clicked on another page altogether.

Let me point out that this is not my initiative (I couldn’t care less how many read me by email rather than by visiting the site directly) and that I do not like – as, I think, many of you – obnoxious windows wanting me to “do” something I do not want to do.

Feel free to complain to WordPress about this if it goes on, though I think they’ll be swamped with complaints already.

Anyway, as the man said: “my hands are clean”



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