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A beautiful blog post on Rorate Caeli about the way Capitalism and Catholicism are compatible (or not).

The matter is, of course, one of definitions. If by Capitalism we mean, with

 an economic system in which investment in and ownership of the means of production, distribution, and exchange of wealth is made and maintained chiefly by private individuals or corporations, especially as contrasted to cooperatively or state-owned means of wealth.

then it is clear that not only is this system not in any way in contrast to Catholicism, but by encouraging the production and distribution of wealth and free time like no other system in the hystory of humanity (you would not, and I mean not, find any other system allowing so many to become so successful by so humble origins; not a system creating such a huge means to support the less fortunate) it is certainly conducive…

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  1. Mundabor….did you see where Cardinal Dolan had offered Obama and the DNC that he would do a prayer for them and they said “NO THANKS!”? What was he thinking? WHY would the DNC who’s platform is now ABORTION, HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE and now ISLAMIC RADICAL JIHAD going to embrace having the Head of the US Catholic Church come and pray?

    • Dolan is really doing strange things.
      In my eyes, he should stop pander to Democrats and Republicans left and right, and take of his work as Bishop.
      The man is obsessed with political protection, and tends to like his public image too much.
      Bad sign.

  2. I worry too because I think it’s dangerous to “Dance with the Devil” so to speak. We are suppose to be SEPERATE from “the world” and even though we should love people and be kind and helpful, that does not mean we should be rubbing elbows with especially the ones who have evil agenda’s and have attacked the Catholic Church. At what price being “likeable” is the cost?

    • My impression is the man wants to be liked; but he likes himself an awful lot too…

      The next conclave nears, and he seeks visibility without making enemies (and therefore trying to be the friend of everyone, even Obama)…

      I find it despicable. Others will, no doubt, find it very cunning.


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