Nuns As God Intended

Striking resemblance with Ronald Reagan. Apparently a woman. A nun, even.

By all the noise about the heretic and constantly bitching witches we hear so much about, it is good every now and then to be reminded that scandalous as they are, the above mentioned witches are not a fair depiction of the, if you allow me to say so, breed.

This here is just another example – and not the first I have posted, if memory serves – of nuns who are devoted, obedient and, well, Christian.

Their communities are getting bigger and younger, and the author of the article says they have the same number of vocations of the LCWR (if the latter can be called vocations, rather than a way for old frustrated feminists to live comfortably for the rest of their lives) without saying they are around a quarter of the latter’s number.

It does one good to know there are still orders around who can afford to accept women below 30, and still grow (let the LCWR-type “communities” do the same and see what happens to their vocation figures…).

Devoted, obedient, and Christian.

In one word, nuns as God intended.


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  1. The smile magnifies both the difference and The Lord!

  2. Mundabor : Nitpick if you like:you captioned sr keehan”Striking resemblance with Ronald Reagan”
    More honour than she deserves: Would she resembled Ronald Reagan in being prolife!

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