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One never ceases to be amazed at what is found in one’s comment box (and I do not divulge my email; because then things would become funny indeed) when one opens a blog. Every reader who has a blog can probably relate.

I wonder at times what motivates people. I do not go around visiting atheist blogs and trying to post there, nor yet trying to get some publicity for my blog; nor do I search for sodomite blogs and invite them to repent; least of all I try to, hear this, promote my blog among them. Believe it or not, some people truly do this. Astonishing.

Then there are the interminable ranters dreaming of global judeo-masonic persecutions, and you can smell the vodka from the other side of the ocean (they tend to be Americans, I have noticed; vodka is cheaper there than in Blighty).

Then there are the…

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  1. Please pray for Archbishop-Elect Salvatore-Cordileone!

    He was arrested in San Diego for a DUI…..

    I think personally as Religious and anyone who teaches CCD or serves faithfully in the church, we have a very large responsibility to stand up and live a life above reproach. This is one reason why when I became a Catholic and started teaching CCD that I gave up drinking even a beer on a hot day.

    I had a friend call me one time to ask me to pray about a problem they were having and I just had a beer that made me feel “dulled” and even though I prayed I didn’t like the fact I was not my sharp self. Shortly after that and with a couple more prodding’s, I gave up all types of liquor in order to spend my life in prayer, as the Bible says “Pray without ceasing” and how can I do that when I am getting “buzzed” from liquor or any other substance?

    If the Archbishop had been living in this manner he would not have gotten into this mess. Now you can notice the comments left after the article that not only ridicule him but the other priests…..We are ALL called to be SAINTS and we must not only sometimes give up our Bodies for Christ by Chastity, and our appetites by Fasting and what we own with Poverty…..but we also must stay sober so as to do the work of the Lord.

    Pray for the Archbishop-Elect and for ALL our Bishops, Archbishops, Priests and Religious!!!

    • Oh come on, what will this be, a beer too much!? If we start criticising Bishops even for these minor private offences we will have to wait for the next Padre Pio…

      Provided he is an energetic bishop protecting Catholic values, as far as I am concerned he can be arrested every second week…

      Just my two cents of course, but let us not allow the best amo g the clergy to be swept aside because of minor faults lime this one.


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