My Two Cents On “Rape Exception”

My two cents on the so-called “rape exception” is that there can be no exception to the protection of human life.

There cannot be, because a human life is valuable as God’s gift irrespective of the circumstances which factually led to the conception of this life. Every life is God-Given and wanted by God, full stop.

Therefore, every discussion about “exceptions” is fully beside the point, and particularly despicable if coming from people who dare to tell themselves “pro-lifers”. Under no circumstances should abortionists be given victory on this battleground.

One is either for life, or against it. One either thinks that men do not dispose of the God-given gift of life, or he does. In the first case he cannot even think of possible “exceptions”; in the second he is not pro-life.

Simple logic, methinks.


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  1. BRAVO Mundabor!!! Well said! I was just at a Pro-Life Dinner for a Pregnancy Resource Center and their guest speaker was a woman who had been conceived via a Rape. She got just under the wire when Roe vs. Wade was going into law. A few months later and she would have been a statistic! Rebecca is a BEATIFUL and SMART woman with a family of her own. She is now a lawyer for Pro-Life! You can go to her web-site and also see her story on YouTube. She was the one who changed Rick Santorum’s stance of NO ABORTIION except in the cases of RAPE….She is NOW HIS HERO…..

    • I am agaist the “rape” argument also – beside the obvious reasons – because in many countries it is too easy to say “rape” after the discovery of a pregnancy. In case of “rape exception” it would become a national sport in no time…


  2. Surely too the rape argument is using capital punishment against the wrong member of the three? Not the rapist?

    • Exactly.

      he has raped me (if he has), therefore my baby must die.

      Brilliant logic.

      By the bye, last time I looked in countries like Italy and Germany it was NOT allowed to wake up one morning and (upon discovery of a pregnancy) say “I have been raped”. In Italy, it was specifically required to go to a doctor and get a medical examination showing evidence of violence before the matter can be started in the first place. Nowhere to hide, really.

      I wonder how this would go down in the US?


  3. Mundabor,
    simple logic, indeed. And refreshingly clear.

    Much too simple for anti-life liberals like Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan, though. They have declared themselves to be in favor of cold-blooded murder provided the victim has been conceived in alleged rape in order to satisfy the feminist mob after the admirable Christian gentleman Mr. Akin (God bless him!) declared himself to be pro-life using somewhat insensitive words conjoined to a doubtful and misinterpreted factual statement about biology. (I am sure you have followed the “controversy”)

    That self-declared “pro-life conservatives“ like Mrs. Palin (who I used to respect) and many others fell over Mr. Akin in a wild indecent rage butchering him for daring to express his Christian views incompatible with the electoral interest of the liberal feminist Republican Party was no surprise anymore. I expect no less of fake anti-establishment Republicans since another Christian, Mr. Santorum, tried to win the nomination of said party and lost because he refused to compromise his Catholic faith.

    That three fourths of American voters (and more in Europe) favor this kind of murder may well be true. It only serves to reinforce the fact that hell is not empty but probably rather crowded. That the funeral Mass of pro-life leader Nellie Gray was – by her own insistence – no Novus Ordo circus but a Traditional Mass strikes me as rather telling in this context, too.

    Although Mr. Ryan has been attacked by some modern bishops for his rather mild plans to rein in the cancerous growth of the inherently anti-life welfare bureaucracy, he will certainly have to wait a very long time for any negative episcopal comment about the murderous position his presidential ticket – and therefore he himself – apparently prefers to take on the „rape exception“.

    It also comes down to simple logic: Politicians who do not really believe Christianity want to win the election above all. People favor the „rape exception“. Therefore said politicians quickly discover the limits of their Christianity. In a still somewhat religious country a certain pretense might be necessary, but fundamentally, they have lost their faith.

    They sell their souls for thirty pieces of power. Thirty pieces of power can buy a lot of stuff here on earth. Some might even call it a bargain. They are very wrong indeed, but their conclusion does follow from their (wrong) premises. Hell is full of flawless logicians like them.

    • I suspect the bishops will be the *last* one to speak out loud against the “rape exception”. Which lets me think they will crowd hell more assiduously than many others, because if they do not test the boundaries of the stupid mainstream thinking, who will? A chap who thinks Jesus visited the United States?

      I have followed the controversy you mention and found it unsavoury from more than one aspect. it being very specifically a US hyteria, I have decided not to bore with it my already very patient readers. Unfortunately, that is a country where if one falls in one of the many PC traps, the wolves are there to massacre him on the spot. Having said that, I think he expressed himself in a wrong way too, but I cannot mention another country (apart from, perhaps, the UK) where hysteria would reach such a level.

      I do hope the country is ready for Santorum in 2016, but this would require the bishops to wake up already.


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