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University Confirms Study On Same-Sex “Children” Is Scientifically Sound

Interesting blog post from the always well-made pages of EF Pastor Emeritus.

It is now becoming increasingly more evident also in the scientific world what a person of common sense knows without any need of “scientific” (meaning here: researched out of real life examples) backing: children of perverts grow up with a lot of problems, which can also be simply said so: the sins of the father shall be visited upon the son. As in the cases examiined the number of  so-called “fathers” (or “mothers”) recurring in the same so-called “familiar” nucleus can be alarming, the matter is even less surprising.

Still, the facts are very simple: the usual pervert questioned the scientific integrity of the research (in short, he/she/it said it was made with the same scientific integrity used for the “man-made global warming” madness); the University reviewed the methodology used and looked to see whether some (shock! Horror!) Christian bias was present and then said “erm, well, nope”.

Therefore, the University of Texas itself now stays behind the results of the research from Prof. Regnerus.  This will now become interesting, because no doubt the growing awareness of the matter will cause other studies to be funded, and the debate to become more robust.

One day the world will wake up and wonder in disbelief how it could ever be allowed to sexual perverts to adopt children, in a way we would today look at past generations allowing pedophiles to adopt them. If you think the comparison is far-fetched just think of the incidence of pedophilia among homos, and cringe.

We undoubtedly live in mad times, where it would be difficult to say whether the madness of the perverts is worse, or the complicity of those (starting with the Catholic clergy) who abstain from thundering against them every day of the week.

Luckily, signs of sanity start to appear here and there. I remember when this happened with the so-called “man-made global warming”, and I remember how in due time the first signs of revolt to the maintream idiocy became an avalanche. This madness will probably take more time to be destroyed, but one can see the signs of sanity appearing already.

Kudos to Prof. Regnerus, his reviewer Mr Peterson and the University of Texas for having the guts to go against conventional “wisdom” and saying things as they are.



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